Is Acne Caused by Waxing or Shaving

Is Acne Caused by Waxing or ShavingDon’t you find it annoying when you wax or shave to achieve smooth skin yet you end up with rough and bump patches? Sometimes, they remain irritated red patches which could mean razor burns or wax burns, however there are times when they become so much worse. It is not uncommon to find pimples and zits growing from freshly waxed or shaved spots. When it comes to common causes for acne it is safe to say that shaving and waxing are definitely on the list.

What gives?

The thing about shaving and waxing is that they do a bit of damage to your skin or at the very least they disrupt how your skin functions. Running a razor down your skin is sure to irritate it some more and waxing is no different. Shaving means that you will have to deal with razor burns that can get irritated or you may have to deal with folliculitis where hair follicles become blocked with hair that cannot grow properly and thus becomes infected. You will know folliculitis when you see it since it always looks red and angry plus it has pus on the inside and a black spot the signals ingrown hair. Waxing may also lead to bacteria build up and irritation plus it can also lead to folliculitis which is not just painful but extremely irritating as well.

The best thing to do would be to stop shaving and waxing but that isn’t really happening so the best thing to do would be to find ways to prevent infections from these common causes for acne. It can be done and all it takes is a little care and preparation on your part.

Preventing disaster from these common causes for acne

Shaving- if you are shaving and you want to make sure that you do not suffer from these skin irritations and acne below are some of the preparations you need to take before you shave:

  • You need a fresh, sharp blade because using a dull blade might cut your hair irregularly and cause nicks that can become infected.  A nice, fresh blade will cut cleanly and with little problem.
  • Exfoliate- it is good to exfoliate the area before you shave so that you know no dead skin cells get trapped in the pores.  Be gentle when you exfoliate since you do not want to damage the skin either.
  • Once you are done shaving you will want to apply some sort of aftershave that will kill any bacteria on the surface of your freshly shaved skin.
  • Remember to exfoliate the area every other 2 days or every other day so that you slough of dead skin cells get stuck on pores that lead to folliculitis.

For waxing – when it comes to waxing, it is a whole different game.

  • Do not double dip your waxing stick so that bacteria don’t keep getting transferred.
  • You will want to refrain from wearing tight pants and underwear so that your skin isn’t irritated.

If you already have acne of folliculitis, you can apply on-the-spot acne treatments or exfoliate.

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