Important Acne Facts: How Acne Grows

Important Acne Facts: How Acne GrowsUnderstanding how acne is formed is something that would greatly help not only in getting rid of it, but in preventing it to come back in the future. Especially if you know what triggers the growth of acne on your skin, it will be very easy to avoid or neutralize the factors that contribute to its growth. Learn about these acne facts and be better equipped to fight acne growth on your skin.

How Acne Grows

Our skin is covered with sebaceous glands, which are responsible for producing sebum – the oil that keeps our skin properly moisturized. Sometimes however, the sebaceous glands become too active that an overflow of sebum occurs. This excess oil plugs up your skin’s pores and traps dirt, bacteria, and dead skin inside. These would then form the blackheads and whiteheads on your skin. The bacteria would also trigger infection to occur, resulting to pimple growth. These acne facts show the main culprits in the growth of the irritating blemishes on your skin from your puberty, and sometimes, even as you reach adulthood.

What Causes Acne Growth

The growth of acne overall is caused by different factors that you may not be aware of. Although some people are naturally born with oily skin, sometimes the overproduction of sebum is also caused by the food that you eat and your overall lifestyle. Chocolates and junk food, for example, could trigger your sebaceous glands to become overactive, triggering acne growth. Of course, the fact that bad hygiene causes breakouts is probably one of the most well known acne facts. Failing to cleanse your skin thoroughly will cause bacteria growth and may also keep your dead skin clogged inside your skin’s pores. Too much cleansing can be just as harmful, however. This would cause the skin to become irritated, especially if you scrub the surface too much.

Another one of the many acne facts that you should know is that the way you style your hair would also matter in preventing acne growth. A lot of everyday dirt clings to each strand of your hair because it has its own oil deposits, too. Because of this, too much contact with the skin will not only pass some of the dirt onto your face, but will also irritate your skin’s surface. Yet another trigger in acne growth is picking and squeezing pimples, blackheads and whiteheads improperly. If you don’t know how to do it properly, then don’t do it at all! Picking on your pimples might push the dirt deeper into the pores, making it even more difficult to get rid of in the long term. This could also cause the pimples to become bigger and to spread wider.

These are but some of the many acne facts that you should remember. In case you feel the need for some help in getting rid of or preventing the growth of acne, just remember these tidbits and make it easier for you to get rid and avoid the triggers that you could control yourself.

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