How to Use Yogurt for Treating Acne

Yogurt for Treating AcneExpensive facial creams, pills and moisturizers are not the only way to prevent and eliminate acne from your precious skin. There is another way – a more convenient, inexpensive and very effective way of clearing the skin of acne. This one is something you can whip in the comforts of your own home using an ingredient that may be found in your pantry or can be bought at the nearest grocery store. Yogurt is a tested and proven effective product that can help protect the skin from acne breakouts and other skin diseases caused by bacteria. It has long established its reputation as an acne remedy as it is rich in good vitamins and it contains a potent astringent effect on the skin.

What is Yogurt? What are its Benefits on the Skin?

Yogurt is a fermented product that is produced when milk undergoes bacterial fermentation. Yogurt cultures are the bacteria used in fermenting the milk and these are very effective against infections. The fermentation results to a product rich in lactic acid. This acid can help kill and eliminate bacteria from the body, as well as the skin. When combined with vitamin B and zinc, its effects in nourishing and cleansing the skin are enhanced. As it kills the bad bacteria and prevents their future growth, it also helps in regulating the pH balance of the skin. A normal pH balance on the skin is the key in eliminating acne and preventing future breakouts.

To use yogurt in treating acne, it can be made into a yogurt mask. Also, it can be consumed on a daily diet. Aside from keeping the skin acne-free, it can aid in good digestion and boost the immune system. Maintaining a healthy body is crucial for a healthy and clear skin.

Yogurt Mask

The yogurt mask can be applied topically either on the affected area of the skin or on the whole skin to prevent acne from occurring. It is also a moisturizer and can exfoliate the skin. Use plain yogurt when treating acne. The flavored ones may contain additives and sugars that can potentially worsen your condition and damage the skin. It is best to just use the plain and organic yogurt. For individuals with oily skin, use a low fat yogurt to prevent excess production of sebum. Yogurts made from sheep and goat milk are said to be more effective. Wash the skin first before applying the yogurt mask. Although proven to be potent against acne, each skin reacts differently. It is best to consult a dermatologist for better prescription on your skin type.

Yogurt on Daily Diet

One diet regimen that is very good for promoting the health of the skin and good for the heart is the classic Mediterranean diet. It revolves mostly on the benefits of yogurt on the body and it usually uses sheep or goat’s milk yogurt as they contain more nutrients and protein that are beneficial to the body. Yogurt can be incorporated to the daily diet in order to have better and faster results on acne treatment.

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