How to Use Green Tea Extract on Acne

Green Tea Extract on AcneGreen tea is recognized for its properties on healing. People and users are well aware of how powerful the antioxidants that green tea contains. These antioxidants are the ones responsible in combating against the free radicals that cause negative changes in the body. Aside from being known to prevent cancer and promote weight loss, green tea and the products made from it are used as an effective remedy for acne.

Green tea contains constituents that are beneficial to getting rid of your acne. This herb has powerful antioxidant agents such as catechins and polyphenols that both exhibit anti-inflammatory and antibacterial abilities, which can really help in fighting against acne and this is according to a careful study found in the “Journal of Drugs in Dermatology” green tea can get more effective when directly applied to the skin. It gently handles the skin during its cleansing and exfoliating activities.

Instead of relying on synthetic products, which are quite expensive and may cause side effects or worst can aggravate the status of one’s acne; many would prefer the natural ways nowadays. It is natural and safe. Green tea is one of all those on the list. The extract from green tea can either be used as a brewed tea or be applied as a cream directly to the affected skin area. Both are perfectly effective and safe. It has been reported through a lot of clinical studies that the regular drinking of green tea don’t  just relieve and prevent the breakout of acne but it will also eliminate free radicals in the skin and the entire body as well.

Instructions on How to Prepare Green Tea for Acne

  1. Pour a quart of spring water into the measuring cup and then pour in the saucepan. Let the water heat until temperature rises and reach 185 degrees. If you have a kitchen thermometer available, then you can measure that water temperature to ensure accuracy.
  2. As the water temperature reaches 185 degrees, turn the heat off. Measure a cup of fresh green tea leaves and then add it up into the hot water.
  3. Let the green tea leaves steep for about twenty minutes and let the extract cool down before storing it.
  4. Pour the green tea extract into a glass container through a funnel or strainer to separate the leaves from the green tea liquid extract. You can already dispose the used leaves.
  5. Saturate a sterile cotton swab into the glass container and apply a gentle rub and in a circular motion directly to the skin areas with acne. Make sure to not rinse the extract off your face as it stays as an astringent. Repeat the process two times a day.
  6. After use, cover the glass container with a lid and store it in the refrigerator.

Green tea is a beneficial herb to control the breakout of your acne. Though the use of it remains always safe, it is still advised that you take time to visit your dermatologist to have some pieces of advice on other types of skin care.

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