How to Treat Acne around Chin and Jawline

How to Treat Acne around Chin and JawlineAcne can occur anywhere on the face, and can even be present on the back and the neck. It is usually caused by over production of the oil, trapped dirt or bacteria, and even poor hygiene. While some people only usually get acne around the t-zone where the face is oiliest, there are cases when acne consistently appears on particular areas alone.

Some individuals suffer from acne around their jawline and chin alone.  Two of the leading causes of this are not being able to properly wash the face, or hormonal imbalance. There are times when during the cleansing stage, most people focus on the cheeks, nose, and forehead. While they do reach the jaw and chin area, failing to thoroughly give those places attention can cause a buildup of oil.

To avoid acne around this area, proper face washing should be observed. This can be achieved by reaching a bit under the face, starting from right below the ear lobes toward the chin. Doing this cleansing routine thoroughly in the shower can help properly remove dirt from this problem area and lessen the acne.

For hormonal problems, individuals can try having regular exercise to regulate their hormones. Exercising also reduces the toxins in the body and can clear out acne in other parts of the skin as well.

Apart from these causes, some habits can also contribute to having acne on the chin and jawline. Take a look at the following and understand why they cause acne so that you will avoid them:

  • Contact with the face – Constantly touching the face can rub in dirt and actually irritate it. The hands are also known to be very dirty especially on long days outside and touching the face with dirty hands can cause acne. Avoid touching the face with bare hands and use sanitary napkins or clean kerchiefs when contact is needed.
  • Phone use – Especially true for those who constantly use the office, home, or mobile phone, Having something consistently on the chin and jawline can cause acne breakouts. During extended periods of time, it may cause sweating. Since phones can usually harbor bacteria from frequent use, it is advised to disinfect them as well, and as much as possible to not allow them to stay in contact with these areas of the face.
  • Hair – Hair has its natural oil, and for those whose hair length touches right around the jaw and chin area, this poses a problem. Hair can irritate the face which is why on hot days or after the gym when one is all sweaty, tying the hair is a must. Regular washing to avoid excess oil is also advised.
  • Pillowcases – People who sleep on their sides and have acne in the jaw and chin should frequently change their pillow cases because over time, oil accumulates from both the hair and the face, and it can irritate the skin overnight.

When in doubt about what to do, consulting a dermatologist for expert opinion is the best way to have professional care for your skin.

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