How to Prevent the Formation of Comedones

How to Prevent the Formation of ComedonesCommon in teenagers as well as people who have oily skin, comedones are little bumps which are actually also known as blackheads and whiteheads. They differ in the sense that blackheads are known as open comedones while whiteheads are also referred to as closed comedones.

They form when your pores become blocked with sebum but there are ways on how to prevent comedones from forming. Try out these tips and lessen your chances of getting these comedones:

  • Wash your face regularly. This is the best way on how to prevent comedones. Sticking to a facial cleansing routine that includes washing twice a day and exfoliating at least once up to twice a week can help prevent blocked pores.
  • Hydrate. Too much oil production can be caused by not having enough water to moisturize your skin. Make sure you get some good old H2O or fruit juices instead of processed drinks.
  • Get enough sun. The sun can also help dry up oil. Getting enough sun means basking for at least 15 minutes in the morning sun. This is enough time for your skin to produce the vitamin D that your whole body needs.
  • Use oil absorbent strips. You can purchase these oil absorbent strips from the pharmacy or supermarket. If you know you have oily skin, you can avoid pore blockage by using these oil absorbent facial wipes. Not only do you reduce the shine on your face, you also actually help lessen the risk of getting comedones. Excess sebum can also lead to acne breakouts and using these facial strips can lessen pimples too.
  • Avoid using too much moisturizer. People who have oily or combination skin should be careful when using moisturizer since their oily face is already producing enough natural moisture. For those who have combination skin, skipping moisturizer on the T-zone can be done to lessen that oily feeling, and for those who have oily skin all over their face, avoiding moisturizer completely or just using it on an as-needed basis is a must.
  • Apply makeup right after washing your face. If you need to use products on your face such as makeup which you might need to wear for work, apply it after washing. An extra tip would be to ice your face first to close as much pores as possible, pat it dry, and then apply makeup. This lessens the buildup of product and oil which can cause comedones later on. Remember to wash it off as soon as you can!

Follow these anti-comedone tips and you’ll have fair and naturally radiant skin!

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