How to Minimize Acne Breakouts after Shaving

How to Minimize Acne Breakouts after ShavingWhile acne breakouts are usually caused by hormonal imbalance or too much oil production, it can also be caused by irritated skin. Too much touching, exfoliating, and even shaving can affect how the skin’s condition is.

However, since men have to shave facial hair for varied reasons, acne breakouts caused by shaving are sometimes unavoidable. Shaving can irritate the skin, and irritated skin is more sensitive and prone to acne. To minimize acne breakouts after shaving, take a look at the following tips and try them out.

  • Use shaving cream which offers protection for the skin. You can also choose a product which you know gives you better gliding to cause less nicks and irritation. You should also use liberal amounts of shaving cream to allow the blade to glide more smoothly over the skin. Shaving gel can also achieve this and also has a soothing effect.
  • Pay attention to the blade you use. Sharper blades—basically the new ones are more efficient and can cause less friction and irritation. Also, there are less chances of getting nicks when you use brand new blades. Those which have three are especially effective. Make sure to tap excess water out to avoid rust formation, and if you begin to feel them becoming dull, change the blades for less chances of irritation. If you have extra sensitive skin, using disposable single‑bladed razors will be great too.
  • Before applying the shaving cream, you can splash some warm water on the area of the face to be shaven. This opens the pores which allows you to get to the base of the hair and have a closer shave.
  • When you begin shaving, use just the right amount of pressure to reach the base of the hair and slowly glide the blade with the grain. This means shaving in a downward motion. This reduces the possibility of ingrown hairs which may lead to blocked pores and oil buildup.
  • It is advised to go over an area just once to avoid irritating the skin. This is the ideal way, but if you miss some spots, go over them lightly.
  • Once you are done, use a mild facial cleanser which agrees with your skin type. This removes the excess shaving cream from your face. Extra products can clog the pores and this leads to breakouts as well. Pat your face dry and do not rub. Being gentle to the skin especially at this point reduces irritation.
  • After shaving and cleansing, you can use a toner which contains some benzoyl peroxide to help prevent formation of acne.
  • Once the toner is absorbed, applying a thin layer of moisturizer can recondition the skin.
  • Shaving when the hair is just beginning to show can be easier since you can have less strokes because of less hair on the face.

After following these tips, follow a regular cleansing routine and avoid bad skin habits as not getting enough sleep, being dehydrated, and not having a healthy diet. If the condition persists, ask for the advice of a dermatologist.

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