How to Make Your Own Pore Strips for Blackheads and Other Skin Problems

How to Make Your Own Pore Strips for Blackheads and Other Skin ProblemsHomemade blackhead pore strips can help you save a good amount of money for something you use for only a few minutes every day! Since these commercial products can cost quite a lot if you regularly use them, consider making your own homemade blackhead pore strips to save money in the long run.

How to Make Your Own Homemade Blackhead Pore Strips

Here are several recipes you can try to come up with your very own pore strips:

  • Egg white pore strips – Separate some egg white and egg yolk. Using a clean makeup brush, apply a thin layer of egg white over the areas affected by blackheads. Wait until the egg white layer has dried and peel it off carefully. This pore strip can be used on a daily basis and can help tighten your pores naturally. If you ever observe over-drying in the area though, apply moisturizer every once in a while.
  • Jello pore strips – Here’s something a little more fun because of the ingredients used. Remove blackheads by using a combination of Jello and milk. Use equal amounts of clear gelatin and milk and brush this mixture on the affected areas. Once it’s dry, you can pull it off. Milk will soften your skin while the gelatin can surround the blackhead and lift it once it has dried.
  • Honey pore strips – Honey is a naturally sticky substance. This is wonderful for those who have dry skin but are still dealing with blackheads. Mix equal amounts of honey and milk and brush it onto your skin. Allow it to dry and peel it off gently. The softening agents in both honey and milk will let your skin be more “workable” and it will release grime and blackheads easier.

Two other tricks you can try include making use of alternative pore strips in the form of glue and adhesive bandages:

  • White glue – Get a good quality white glue and brush it over your face. Make sure, however, that it is non-toxic! Before you do this, you may want to perform a skin test to see if your skin will have any adverse reactions to it. Apply a thin layer on the skin inside your arm and see if you get any irritations. If not, you can apply it on the affected areas of your face and peel it off once it has dried.
  • Adhesive bandages – You can use adhesive bandages as substitute pore strips. Massage the sticky side onto the affected areas and pull off to see how much blackheads it can take away.

With these substitutes, you can get rid of those nasty blackheads and have spotless skin!

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