How to Make a Papaya Facial Mask for Acne Scars

How to Make a Papaya Facial Mask for Acne ScarsIf you take a look at papaya, what goes on inside your head? You will probably think of yummy smoothies that will leave you feeling light and refreshed or salads that will whittle inches of your waists. You might even imagine a delightful and light breakfast or a vacation to some exotic place. Certainly the very last thing on your head would be to follow a papaya mask recipe for acne scars.

You might not think of acne remedies when you see a papaya but this tropical fruit has actually been used to remedy acne and acne scars for years now. Papaya, in its ripe or raw form, has been used for centuries to remedy acne breakouts. Though some people still debate on the effectiveness of papaya for acne problems, most people who have tried it say they got positive results after a few applications.

Why it Works

It is easy to be skeptical about the power of papaya over acne if you have never tried it but take a look at the science. Papaya is an excellent exfoliator that sloughs off dead skin cells that have a tendency to clog the pores. The removal of dead skin cells also clears the way for healthy, new cells to rise to the surface.  It doesn’t stop there because papaya also contains an enzyme called “papain” which reduces skin inflammation and results in smoother and softer skin.

If you take a look at the skin care products in the market, you will actually see some skin care products that list papaya or papain as one of their ingredients. In Asian markets, papaya soaps, astringents, and lotions sell like hotcakes.

Papaya Mask Recipe for Acne Scars

If you want to try the power of papaya yourself but do not want to buy any of the products that are in the market, do not worry—you can easily make a papaya mask on your own. Making your own mask is not only fun and easy but you get to have complete control over the ingredients that make up your mask and you can be assured of a wholly natural experience.  Check out the recipe below!

Papaya and Pineapple Mask

This mask makes use of pineapple and papaya to bring about a bleaching action that lightens acne scars. It also works to rid the surface of the skin of dead skin cells. To make this mask, you will need about ¼ cup of ripe papaya and a teaspoon of fresh pineapple juice. You can put the two in a blender to mix or you can also mash them together in a bowl until you have a rich paste.  This is going to smell delicious so don’t get tempted not to eat it.

Once you have a nice papaya and pineapple juice paste, the next step is to apply it all over your face and allow it to stay for 15 minutes so the mask has time to really get to work on your skin. After your 15 minutes are up, just rinse with warm water and follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

This mask can be applied once a week and remember that you only mix this as needed and that you do not store any leftover paste. It will go rancid and you do not want to put it on your face in that state.

Tip: You can turn this mask into a mask-and-scrub solution by adding white or brown sugar right before you apply it on your face. Apply it with slow, circular motions and leave it on for 15 minutes then rinse as usual and apply moisturizer afterwards.

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