How to Hide Acne Using Makeup

How to Hide Acne Using MakeupAside from being ill, acne is something that would make you stay home and hide in your room. This could prove to be such a bother especially if you have something planned, or are expecting some guests. But you should not allow the growth of acne to turn you into an antisocial automatically. Makeup can work wonders and could allow you to appear flawless in no time. Here are a few ways to hide acne using makeup:

The Magic of Concealer

The concealer is every girl’s best friend, especially if your skin breaks out all the time. It has the ability to cover up any kind of blemish and make it appear as if nothing is there at all. Time and again, the concealer has proven to be the best option if you are faced with the sudden need to hide acne using makeup. Here are a few tips when using concealer to hide those unsightly blemishes:

  • Always make sure that you pat or dab the concealer over the area that you want to cover. Avoid wiping or swiping the concealer against your skin’s surface as this will only accentuate the bump even more. Dabbing the concealer on will allow you to smoothen the surface more effectively, making it appear more natural and less obvious.
  • Always choose the right color. Remember that we are trying to conceal the acne, not making it more obvious. The wrong concealer shade will only accentuate the patch of skin that has been covered, making things worse instead of better.
  • Applying concealer after putting your foundation on eliminates the need to put on a lot of it. This would depend on how bad the case of acne is and the type of skin that you have however, as there will be instances when putting concealer before applying foundation is the better option. Experiment with the area and see what works better for you.

The Wonders of Correctors

Correctors are different from concealers. Although correctors are not really used directly on the acne itself, it can be used to camouflage the redness that comes with acne breakouts. From the name itself, a corrector’s main function is to correct different flaws on the skin, especially problems with skin tone and color. For any redness on the skin brought about by acne, skin infection, skin irritation, or other skin conditions, green correctors work best. Apply the corrector before putting foundation on, as the foundation will finish the job of concealing the redness. For other skin problems, you can use orange or yellow correctors for darkness under the eyes and purple corrector for sallow complexions.

Just remember that you also have to be responsible enough to clean your face before and after applying the makeup. This will help you avoid making things worse. Keep your skin properly moisturized as well as frequent use of makeup could dry up the skin’s surface sometimes. With proper maintenance, there’s a big chance that you would have no acne to cover up anymore.

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