How to Hide Acne Using Makeup

How to Hide Acne Using MakeupWhen people get acne at some point in their lives, they will agree that getting rid of it is always priority number one. However, getting rid of acne takes several days at best and an important thing to do while waiting for it to disappear is to apply treatments and cover it up with some makeup. This requires some skills because amateur attempts at hiding acne with makeup can actually make it look worse.

If you have acne and you want to learn how to hide acne with makeup properly, read on for some expert tips. This will take some practice before you get it perfectly but the results will be more than worth it in the form of barely-there acne breakouts. Check out the steps below and try them out on your own skin.

Steps to Follow to Hide Acne with Makeup

If your acne isn’t too bad and you just want to cover up some redness or some blemishes that are healing along nicely, you are in luck since you do not even need to do much work. All you need are the right tools and you should be good to go. For light breakouts, you will need the following:

  • Beauty blender
  • Foundation
  • Loose powder

What you need to do is wet your beauty blender and squeeze out the excess water so you are left with a damp sponge. Take a bit of foundation and dab it onto the back of your hand and dab the tip of the beauty blender into the foundation. You just need a very little bit of this and you can always add more later. Dab the end of the beauty blender into your zits and continue to do so around the infected area. Once you are done, you can dust a bit of matte-loose powder all over your face and you are good to go.

Hide Acne with Makeup – Heavy Coverage

If your acne is seriously inflamed and needs a bit more coverage, then you need to bring out the big guns in the form of concealers and correctors. For this condition, you will need the following:

  • Concealer
  • Oil-free foundation
  • Loose powder

After you have washed and dried your face just pat some non-greasy moisturizer on so that your pores do not get clogged. Wait ten minutes so your skin absorbs the moisture and then you can apply makeup. Apply oil-free foundation all over your face but do so with a light hand. Get a concealer brush and use that to pat on concealer over your acne and a bit around the infected area. Using light strokes to blend the concealer until it is unnoticeable. It is okay if it doesn’t look perfectly blended in since the powder will take care of that.  Grab a big, fluffy brush and use that to apply loose powder all over your face. You may want to swirl the blush over the acne area so the powder blends in seamlessly.  Remember, you want to apply this with a light hand because in cases like this, less is more.

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