How to Help Teens Cope with Acne

How to Help Teens Cope with AcneAcne brings about damages that are more than just skin deep. If you are an adult and you get acne, you will confess that it feels awful and most of the time it pains you emotionally and mentally; this is the whole reason you go to such great lengths to cover up and remedy acne; but how about teens that get acne? What about their feelings on the matter?  Just how does acne on teens affect their minds?

Acne on Teens and Its Damages

If there is an age group that is most prone to acne, it has to be teenagers. After all, with all the growing up that they are doing, their hormones go haywire and this is the perfect time for acne problems to crop up. Some of you might scoff and say it is all part of growing up but if you have kids, you will want to take acne seriously as it has some serious psychological effects on kids. Check out some of them below.

  • Depression and anxiety – acne may seem trivial to a lot of people but it has some very real ramifications on teenagers that have to do with depression and anxiety. Multiple studies have shown that it doesn’t matter how mild or severe an acne is on kids; even those with mild acne can suffer severe depression like people that have more severe forms of acne.
  • Social withdrawal – teens who have acne may feel they have to stay away from their peers to avoid ridicule and judgment. It may seem silly but that is just how it is with teenagers. Appearances are quite important to them and getting acne might make them want to avoid all contact with people.

Helping Teens Deal

If you have teenagers that are developing acne, what you can do is look for a dermatologist that is sympathetic to acne on teens. This way, you can battle acne before the psychological problems set in. if your teens is already depressed and socially withdrawn, seek the help of a dermatologist and try to look into counseling as well. This way, you help your teen past the psychological and physical damages of acne.

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