How to Fight Middle Age Acne

How to Fight Middle Age AcneIt is true that teens and those in the twenties are the ones who are usually affected by acne, and that it is a stage that will pass over time. However, there are cases when individuals in the middle-age group can also experience acne breakouts! This can be annoying especially to those who are just beginning to enjoy their clear skin past the pimply teen years.

Middle age acne can be caused by factors such as your diet, lifestyle, cleansing routines, and even your genes. However, you ought to know that despite the acne popping on your face, there are still measures you can take in order to fight them.

Fighting Middle Age Acne

There are acne cleansing products which are specifically designed for individuals aged 35 and above. Invest on good acne cleansing products. A facial wash coupled with a toner from the same line can help reduce acne breakouts. Have a cleansing routine where you wash your face twice daily. Do this in the morning and right before sleeping. Follow washing your face with application of toner to help reduce oil production. After toning, apply a thin layer of moisturizer to balance the moisture level on your face and avoid overproduction of oil from being too dry.

Having a balanced diet with healthy food can also reduce your acne breakouts. Pay attention to food items which can usually trigger your acne outbreaks and avoid these food items. For most people, usual acne triggers include chocolate, fatty foods, and dairy products. Sack on fruits which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants instead for healthy glowing skin. Drink a lot of water or fruit juices to keep your skin hydrated while flushing out harmful toxins from inside your system.

Be mindful of your habits every day. This includes having enough exercise to promote sweating and flushing out harmful elements from within. Allotting even just 10-15 minutes for some exercise can balance your hormones and promote healthy sweating. Make sure to exercise first before cleansing your face though!

Other habits you should be mindful of include keeping your face clear by not touching it, and keeping your hair as clean as you can. Avoid allowing bangs to stay on your forehead since this may irritate your skin. When you work out, tie your hair and pin stray strands away from your face so as not to attract oil and sweat to your face. Avoid touching your face as well, and if you have to, use a clean napkin to avoid making your face dirty.

For women, avoid too much use of makeup and try to rely on just basics such as powder and lip gloss to add some color to your face. If you really have to use makeup, make sure you regularly clean your brushes and wash your face before going to sleep.

When you find products which work well on your skin, stick to using them instead of constantly switching from one brand to another. Maintain your regular cleansing routine and couple it with other healthy practices to keep acne away.

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