How to do the Caveman Regimen for Acne

How to do the Caveman Regimen for AcneWhen it seems like the priciest and fanciest skin care systems no longer work on you, what do you do? You can try to look for even newer, fancier, and stronger skin care regimens or perhaps you can simplify your skin care regimen and see how that works out for you. You may be wondering just how simple you are encouraged to go about it and the answer is caveman simple!

You might not think cavemen cared about their skin, let alone their acne, but the caveman regimen for acne is sure to make you think twice. This is a new (old?) skin care system that promises not only to get rid of your acne but to give you better skin as a whole. If you want to try something extreme that just might work, forget about fancy new skin care systems that are unproven and try the caveman regimen for acne. It might just surprise you.

What is It?

Experts like to say that when it comes to daily skin care regimens, it is best to keep yours as simple as possible. If you must use products, at least choose the ones that are made with tested and proven ingredients. For those of you who would like to take it even simpler then this caveman skin care routine is for you. This is perhaps the gentlest and simplest skin care routine you can go for because with the caveman skin care regimen, you do nothing.

How is it a Regimen Then?

It might be strange for you to start a skin care regimen where you do not do anything and it may even seem like a hoax, but give it a try anyway. The principle behind this skin care regimen will make sense for sure and you will want to try it. The first thing you need to know is that the skin has this “acid mantle” that develops once you hit puberty. It is a shell that is made up of sweat and oil and it protects you from bacteria invasion. The PH level of that mantle is at 5.5, hence its name “acid mantle.”

The problem here is because of the harsh chemicals you use to clean your skin you are stripping away that layer of protection. All those skin care products you use scrub and cover that mantle and the worst part is they might not have the right PH level (they rarely do). With this regimen, you do not do anything because the cavemen didn’t do anything either.

So What Do You Do?

It is pretty simplistic to say that you do nothing. In fact, that is downright irritating so here is what you do. When you try the caveman regimen for acne, you do not put anything on your face. You do not use makeup, sunscreen, etc. You leave your face bare and you do not use anything other than water to wash it. Some people are more hard-core and they do not let even water touch their faces for 30 days, saying that there are irritants and contaminants in the water.

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