How to Deal with Menopause and Acne

How to Deal with Menopause and AcneIs there anything worse than developing acne when you have your period? Why, yes there is and that is when you have acne and going through menopause at the same time. Most women who get acne when they hit menopausal age would think it was like they are hitting their teenage years again the way they are breaking out and going through mood swings.

If you are going through menopause and you are developing acne you may be tempted to pull all your hair out. Before you do that though, you may want to take a deep, calming breath because as hopeless as your situation may seem there are some ways that you can deal with menopause and acne without going mad.

Menopause and Acne – The Link

You might think that you are done with acne once you hit adulthood but that is not true. According to skin care experts, acne is the number one complaint they usually get from patients that are going through their menopause. You might wonder what the link is and the answer is in the hormones. You see, estrogen opposes testosterone so when you hit your menopausal stage and your ovaries stop producing estrogen, the levels of testosterone in your body goes up. This is what causes women who are of menopausal age to develop acne especially on the chin and jaw area. Now you understand the whole link between menopause and acne.

The Remedy

What is the first thing you do when you develop acne? You think back to your teenage years and reach for the anti-acne medication and treatments that used to work for you. Your intentions may be good but if you do this, you may be doing yourself more harm than good. The acne you develop during menopause is worlds apart from the acne that you get as a teenager.  Back when you were younger, your acne breakouts were usually accompanied by excess sebum and shine but mature acne is different. Your skin tends to be dry whether or not you have pimples so some acne treatments you use might just make your skin even drier and make your acne worse.

You can try to visit your doctor since he will probably prescribe some treatments for you. You can go for peels or facials and he may even give you some medication that will help balance the amount of testosterone on your system and help do away with acne.

If you think you can manage the acne on your own and you do not need a doctor, below are some tactics that you can try at home so you can manage menopause and acne all in one go. One of the easiest ways to deal with acne while you are going through menopause is to watch the food that you eat. Try for fresh fruits and veggies and very little fat and junk in your diet. You can also try to apply aloe gel to your acne so that it dries the zit without damaging the skin around it. A paste made out of baking soda and water can also work to zap your zits.

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