How to Avoid Acne when Exercising

How to Avoid Acne when ExercisingGetting exercise is just about the best thing you can do for yourself if you want to stay or get in good shape. It helps you shed the pounds, make you leaner and more confident, and it generally makes you become a better person. However, if you are not careful your choice of exercise may just ruin your skin and cause severe acne breakouts. The acne specific to athletes is called “acne mechanica.” When you exercise, it is a great idea to know how to do it properly and know how to avoid acne while you are at it.

Exercises that Cause Acne

Generally speaking, exercise in and of itself cannot cause you acne but the equipment and special clothes you use can bring about breakouts. Check out some exercises below that increase your chances of developing acne and some tips on how to avoid acne that doing these exercises might bring.

Cycling if you are serious about cycling then it is safe to say that you have not just the bicycle but other gears such as kneepads and helmets. The kneepads are not a problem but that helmet of yours can cause acne breakouts in your forehead, your scalp, and your chin (from the straps). Sweat is good for you since it rids the body of toxins but if your sweat gets trapped under a helmet for hours a day, your skin becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. You can replace the pads on your helmet or use a cotton pad to prevent acne. You should also wash the pads and straps immediately after use and allow them to dry completely before using them again.

Weightlifting if you are taking up weight lifting and notice acne on your face, this doesn’t mean that you have to immediately stop lifting. You just need to understand what is causing the breakouts and what you can do to avoid them. You should know that lifting weights causes a disruption in the hormones, and hormone imbalances often lead to acne. Another reason for your acne could be the supplements you are taking. For problems like these, you may want to consult skin care experts.

Running – running is perhaps the best and cheapest form of exercise you can do but it can also cause severe acne breakouts especially in women. If you run and you notice acne on your upper arms, back, and chest these are probably caused by friction from your clothes and the moisture from your sports bra. If you wear sunscreen or makeup as you run, they can worsen your problem. To avoid acne while running, it is just a matter of choosing moisture-wicking fabrics for your clothes and changing out of them immediately after you are done. You should also make the switch to non-comedogenic sun protection creams.

Exercise to Remedy Acne

These are just some of the exercises that might cause acne but do you know there is an exercise that can also get rid of breakouts? You can try hot yoga since it can clear the skin and balance your hormones. Just remember to change out of your sweat-drenched clothes after.

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