How Stress Affects Acne-prone Skin

How Stress Affects Acne-prone SkinYou may have the most complicated skincare routine or could buy the best skincare products in the market. Sometimes, however, these just aren’t enough to keep acne attacks at bay. Different factors that are both controllable and uncontrollable add to the mix, making it even harder to keep your skin clear and healthy. Of all the factors that contribute to unhealthy skin, what do you think could cause the biggest impact?

The Effect of Stress on Your Skin

What could be considered as having the most impact on your skin is stress which means that knowing how to beat stress could be one key in keeping your skin acne and blemish-free. Stress affects the way your body functions as a whole and could have a significant impact on how your body processes are completed. Here are some of the ways in which stress triggers the growth of acne and other skin blemishes:

  • It causes a sudden surge in the production of cortisol and could cause hormonal imbalance. Remember how acne became one of your biggest problems when you were an adolescent? That stage was where your body probably saw a pretty bad case of hormonal imbalance as your body went through changes to get you ready for adulthood. This same scenario is replayed when you go through a lot of stress.
  • Stress also causes your skin’s sebaceous glands to overproduce oil, increasing the chances of acne growing on your skin. As you may probably know, acne grows when your pores get blocked, locking in bacteria, dirt and old skin. The biggest factor that contributes to the blocking of pores is the huge amount of oil on your skin.
  • Stress could also affect your daily routine, especially the way you take care of your skin. People who become too stressed out sometimes skip on their daily skin care routines, with some of them getting too tired at the end of the day to wash off the entire day’s dirt and grime.
  • Stress affects people’s lifestyle as well. Aside from the big tendency to start an unhealthy diet, stress causes people to smoke or drink. This unhealthy lifestyle adds to the level of toxins in your bloodstream which would manifest in the way your skin looks. This is why stressed out people sometimes look dry and gaunt.

Tips on How to Beat Stress

Although stress may be a regular part of life, the secret is in knowing how to handle it. Here are some tips on how to beat stress:

  • Never bite off more than you can chew. More often than not, stress is self-imposed. Relax–it’s okay to take your time in completing tasks sometimes.
  • Take a breather. You don’t need to go out of town to do this. A few minutes of silence and a few deep breaths could do wonders in the middle of a hectic day.
  • Exercise some more. Physical activity is a great way to drain all the stress away from your body. A few laps on the pool or a quick jog around the block can shed off more stress from your body than you could ever imagine.

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