How Safe is Hydrocortisone Cream on the Face?

How Safe is Hydrocortisone Cream on the Face?Hydrocortisone cream is one of the most common solutions to different skin issues. It is a kind of topical steroid that could be bought over the counter and would sometimes have antifungal and antibacterial properties as well.

What is Hydrocortisone Cream For?

Hydrocortisone cream is used across a variety of skin conditions. It is widely used for itching caused by allergies and other types of rashes. It is also used for insect bites, as well as for diaper rashes experienced by babies. It could also be used for eczema, especially for mild cases.

Using Hydrocortisone Cream on the Face

Because of how hydrocortisone works for other areas of the skin, it has often been asked if it would be just as effective when used on the face. You should remember, however, that part of the reason why hydrocortisone is effective is because of the properties that it has as a steroid. Steroids can be very strong and could be harmful on the skin on your face. The skin on your face is the most sensitive as compared to other parts of your body after all, and using hydrocortisone cream on the face could have long term side effects that would be even harder to fix. Because of this, it would be better to consult a doctor or a skin care expert before attempting to use it to solve any issues you may have.

Other Alternatives

Considering how fragile the skin on your face is, find alternatives to hydrocortisone cream that would be just as effective without having to fear the side effects. Itching on the skin could be easily solved by baking soda. You can add water to form a paste and apply it onto the affected parts. You can also take advantage of the anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties of lemon to reduce itching. Aloe Vera is also great for almost any type of skin irritation, making it a popular ingredient for skin care. Aloe Vera is so mild that it is one of the few ingredients that you can actually leave on your face overnight without causing further irritation on the skin. Olive oil is great for rashes because it helps your pores open up and “breathe better.” It also has the power to fight infection which is great in avoiding acne growth on your face. The combination of Vitamin E and cod liver oil is just as great on facial rash and could show positive results within 24 hours. Banana peel is great for soothing the itching sensation that rashes bring. Mild enough to use on the face, it can be used against itching and rashes caused by acne, insect bites, eczema, and other conditions that could cause skin irritation.

Hydrocortisone is definitely effective on other skin issues as proven by years of its use. Using hydrocortisone cream on the face could be the exception to the rule, however. For cases of itching, rashes or allergies that affect your face, consult a skin expert and find out what other options you have.

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