How Oral Contraceptives Prevent Hormonally-Induced Acne

How Oral Contraceptives Prevent Hormonally-Induced AcneThe genetic makeup of women dictates that their bodies must undergo a monthly surge of hormones caused by their menses. Because of these periods, there are times when the skin suffers by having acne breakouts caused by the swing of hormones that women regularly experience. Oral contraceptives for acne are one of the solutions that women look into when they aim to have clearer, and acne-free skin.

Since this option for treating acne involves special medication, it is a must to consult your physician as well as dermatologist if taking oral contraceptives to counter acne will work for you skin without interfering with your reproductive system health.

Hormonally Induced Acne

When there is an imbalance in the body—for everything, a negative manifestation can be observed. For hormones in particular, one of the noticeable effects is having acne breakouts. Compared to men, more women suffer from hormonal acne because of their monthly periods that cause hormonal swings.

Generally, oral contraceptives for acne are only prescribed for healthy women who are also in need for contraception. Dermatologists have been using oral contraceptives for women in particular to reduce breakouts, but there are only three pills which have been approved by the FDA which can be used for countering acne breakouts. These are:

  • Ortho Tri-Cyclen – This drug makes use of estrogen along with norgestimate which is a man-made kind of progesterone.
  • YAZ – Makes use of estrogen with drospirenone. Other brands which are similar to this include Zarah, Yasmin, Syeda, Safyral, Ocella, Loryna, Gianvi, and Beyaz.
  • Estrostrep – Also makes use of estrogen with norethindrone.

All of these drugs are available in different doses of estrogen which will be dependent on the severity of acne on the patient. Purchasing these drugs without prescription is not just wrong but potentially unsafe if you didn’t have a professional assessment of your skin condition along with your overall health first.

How Oral Contraceptives for Acne Work

Some women experience acne breakouts before their period comes on, or during the menopausal stage when their hormones have erratic swings. One of the top causes of acne is oil or sebum production which is made by the glands on your skin. When you have overproduction of sebum your pores get clogged and you can experience acne breakouts. Androgens are the hormones which stimulate sebum production and although the ovaries produce a low amount of androgens, there are times when the levels rise and this can cause the excess oil production.

Birth control pills or the oral contraceptives mentioned above have the effect of normalizing your hormones by balancing your progesterone and estrogen levels. When these two hormones are in the right levels, the amount of androgen in your body is lowered. This is what would lead to a normalized sebum production just enough to give you the right natural moisture your skin needs.

With these prescribed oral contraceptives, your body will experience an improved hormonal balance which in turn would result in less acne breakouts. Remember to use it only as prescribed to achieve the desired effect and to avoid negative reactions or effects to your health—particularly for your reproductive system.

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