How Home Remedies Work for Hyperpigmentation

How Home Remedies Work for HyperpigmentationHyperpigmentation is characterized by the increase in the production of melanin on your skin, which is responsible for giving your skin color. Because of this, there is an evident unevenness in color on your skin’s surface. There are different kinds of treatments and home remedies for hyperpigmentation, depending on the gravity of the case and the conditions that surround it.

Causes of Hyperpigmentation

There are several factors that affect the growth of hyperpigmentation. Hormonal imbalance is one of the causes, which is why hyperpigmentation is quite common in people who take contraceptive pills and pregnant women. Extreme stress is also a common cause which is why it is quite prevalent in those who suffer from adrenal exhaustion and Cushing’s syndrome. The amount of toxins in your system could also be a cause which explains why hyperpigmentation is common among people who smoke. Different prescription drugs like antidepressants, antibiotics, heart medication and antiseptics also trigger skin discoloration. Acne is another common cause, as acne scars and improper maintenance leads to the affected areas darkening as the acne heals.

Examples of Hyperpigmentation

One of the most common examples of hyperpigmentation is melasma which is sometimes referred to as chloasma. Melasma causes your skin to have dark patches of brown, usually occurring around the face. Although this is often associated with women and pregnancy, men experience this condition as well.

Liver spots are also an example of hyperpigmenation. Also called as age spots, this condition occurs as people age, with a higher probability of occurring in people who have fair skin. This condition, surprisingly, is not caused by the factors that come with aging. Rather, it is caused by the amount of UV exposure on the surface of the skin.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH happens after an individual experiences burns, lesions or skin conditions that cause any kind of scarring or burning. This is probably easiest to address, mostly because the regeneration process of the skin causes the discoloration to fade away naturally over time. You can also speed up the process by using different kinds of treatment and home remedies for hyperpigmentation.

Home Remedies for Hyperpigmentation

To make it safer on your skin, it is often better to go for these natural home remedies in dealing with the effects of hyperpigmentation:

  • Potatoes – Potatoes are great in lightening dark spots on your skin. You can rub a slice on the affected areas of your skin or you can also mix it with fuller’s earth before applying.
  • Red Onion – Rubbing a slice of red onion on the affected areas is also effective in evening out your skin tone. You can also squeeze the juice out of the onion and apply it directly on your skin.
  • Guava and Banana – Mash equal parts of a banana and a guava to help lighten any dark spots on your skin. The combined exfoliating properties of these two will help shed dead skin cells and regenerate your skin faster.
  • Cucumber – Cucumber is great in reducing dark spots on your skin. You can even mix this with honey or lemon juice for faster and better results.

Just remember that in using these home remedies, always follow up with moisturizer to maximize the effects of healthier skin.

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