How Effective is Lavender Oil for Pimples?

How Effective is Lavender Oil for Pimples Lavender is a popular ingredient for herbal teas as well as aromatherapy sessions. Apart from being a fragrance, lavender oil for pimples is a natural remedy which can be the trick to having a pimple and scar-free face. Exactly how effective is lavender oil for pimples?

Properties of Lavender Oil

Instead of just using lavender oil as a relaxing fragrant oil for aromatherapy, this oil can be used by people suffering from acne prone skin as well. Lavender oil has natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. What are the properties of lavender oil for pimples?

  • Kills bacteria – The natural antiseptic properties of lavender oil provide you with a gentle cleansing solution which can help your skin have less bacterial infections which can cause acne. By having a cleaner face, you can expect lesser breakouts.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects – Inflammation worsens your acne and makes each pimple more susceptible to popping—even accidentally! When you apply lavender oil, it can help lessen the inflammation and the pain which comes from acne as well. Tenderness and swelling can be reduced, and lavender oil helps heal the skin in a gentle manner.
  • Encourages healthy regeneration of skin cells – If you already have clear skin but are troubled by scars left behind by previous breakouts, lavender oil promotes skin cell regeneration. Over gradual and regular use, your pimple marks may also be reduced by having a healthy layer of skin resurface. By encouraging a new layer of healthy skin to develop, acne lessens and scars gradually fade.

How to Use Lavender Oil on Your Face

For some people, lavender oil may cause irritations since it can be quite potent. If you know that you have particularly sensitive skin, performing a patch test is a must. Do this by taking a drop of pure lavender oil and spreading it onto the skin on your inner arm. Allow it to sit for at least 24 hours without washing it off and see if you have adverse reactions. Usually, you will feel irritation as soon as you apply it, but this timeframe is a safe manner to see any possible adverse side effects.

If you feel a gentle tingling from using pure lavender oil you can dilute it in a 50:50 solution with some carrier oil like almond or coconut oil. You can use this milder formulation as your leave on layer of oil to help reduce acne scars.

If your problem happens to be acne breakouts and your sin can take the pure lavender oil without getting irritated, you can use it as a spot treatment on affected areas to make the acne heal. It will kill bacteria while reducing swelling, and you can do this by using a cotton bud or swab to apply undiluted lavender oil on the affected areas.

Should you notice adverse reactions or if you feel uncomfortable, you can rinse it after a few minutes with some cleanser and water. When your skin gets used to it, you will notice the favorable effects that lavender oil can do for pimples and acne marks!

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