How Does the No-Milk Diet Work for Acne?

How Does the No-Milk Diet Work for AcneDo you love guzzling down milk? Is your day just incomplete if you do not have a serving of cow juice? While it is great to know that you are getting your daily dose of calcium, you may want to lay off the milk if you have acne. It is strange to think that this nutritious drink ruins your skin and causes breakouts but the studies have been done and the verdict is out – cow milk causes acne.

Cow Milk causes Acne—How?

It seems truly bizarre and no one can blame you for thinking this—milk is a large part of all food pyramids and healthy eating charts. However, the reason why cow milk brings about breakouts is because it contains hormones that stimulate oil glands. Take note that these are not the kind of hormones that are injected into cows but rather they are naturally occurring hormones that cows secrete during their “menstrual” cycle. When cows are pregnant, these naturally occurring hormones are produced continuously at very high levels and they make their way to the milk.

Is Hormone-free Milk Safe?

Knowing that hormones in the milk can bring about acne breakouts, you might ask if hormone-free milk is safe. You need to understand that “hormone-free” milk is a complete lie and no such thing exists. The reason that label ever came out in the first place is because of a company that sells a certain kind of hormone called BST (bovine somatrotropin) that is injected into cows to make them produce more milk. There are a number of milk producers that advertise not using the hormone, hence the “hormone-free” label but you can bet that natural hormones are still there. To date, not much is known about the effect of BST on the levels of natural hormones that are found in milk.

What about Lactose-free Milk and Organic Milk?

Again, you may try to turn to these options if you like milk that much but the fact of the matter is, if milk gives you acne, these are also likely to cause acne. Even folks who drink such milk for their lactose intolerance are not safe since the condition has nothing to do with acne. The organic label is also misleading since it just means that cows were not exposed to pesticides and insecticides so they are not as toxic as cows that are not organic.

What Can Be Done?

If you drink a lot of milk and you suffer from acne, try not taking any milk for several weeks. But continue with your skin care regimen. If you find your breakouts disappearing then you know that your only option is to stop drinking milk or consuming other products that contain milk.

You may want to look for other substitutes for milk such as soy milk and almond milk. You can also try cheeses made from goat or sheep milk but just take note that these contain hormones that might cause you to suffer breakouts again.

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