How Can Celery Work for Your Acne?

How Can Celery Work for Your Acne?Battling acne and breakouts can be frustrating if the store-bought anti-acne remedies you have been buying do not do anything to help your skin condition. You spend so much money on them yet they do not do a thing – this is enough to frustrate anyone. If you are sick and tired of drugstore anti-acne remedies doing absolutely nothing for your skin, perhaps it is time to start something new and try natural remedies for acne instead.

These natural remedies for acne are simple, effective, and cheap so you do not have to feel too bad about giving them a try. When it comes to natural acne remedies, another bonus is that they contain no harsh chemicals so even if they do not work for your acne, they do not damage your skin either.

Try Natural Remedies for Acne

There are many natural remedies for acne that you can try out and the more popular ones include honey, baking soda, and vinegar but if you really want to try something out of the ordinary, why not try celery? This vegetable may be looked on as more of a snack and a cooking ingredient but it has many wonderful benefits for acne.

Contains vitamin A celery for acne works because it contains a lot of vitamin A that does wonders for the skin. You can munch on fresh celery sticks or drink pure celery juice to get its many benefits. Some people even daub celery juice directly on their breakouts.

Rich in vitamin C – vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that works wonders for the skin. Simply by munching on some celery or drinking juice, you can get the wonderful benefits of vitamin C to keep breakouts at bay and stimulate the production of collagen. As a bonus, it also boosts your immune system and fight off colds and other germs that cause diseases.

Remedies constipation you might wonder what acne has to do with constipation but if you think about it, irregular bowel movement means something is not right with your digestive system and you may be storing toxins and waste in your body. Not only will you feel horrible but your skin will show signs of stress by way of breakouts.

Relieves inflammation there is nothing more horrifying than watching a pimple or acne so inflamed. You can try a harsh anti-inflammatory gel that contains harsh chemicals but why do that when you can turn to celery for some relief. Celery contains anti-inflammatory properties that can bring down inflammation of zits and pimples.

Stops excess oil production – oily skin is especially susceptible to acne breakouts and pimples but celery can help with this condition. Less oil on the face means less chances for breakouts.

How to Use Celery for Acne

There are so many ways you can use celery for acne – you can eat it, drink it or apply the juice directly on the affected areas. One celery remedy for oily skin and acne involves boiling celery and refrigerating the resulting liquid. This is to be applied to the face every night before going to bed.

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