How Alfalfa Sprouts Help the Skin and Your Body

How Alfalfa Sprouts Help the Skin and Your BodyYou know how they say that you are what you eat? This proves to be true, especially when it comes to your skin. Having an unhealthy diet automatically translates to the way your skin looks and feels which is why you have to be careful with what enters your system. Among the many foods that prevent acne, alfalfa sprouts are highly recommended because of its rich nutrient content and the other benefits that it has not only for the skin but for the whole body as well. Alfalfa sprouts are often used in salads, sandwiches and soups.

Alfalfa Sprouts and Your Skin

What makes alfalfa sprouts great for your diet? Alfalfa sprouts have a generous amount of Vitamin K which helps in healing open wounds by promoting blood clotting. This helps prevent further infection on any open wound or lesion on your skin. It also has Vitamin C which is one of the most potent antioxidants used for skin care. It stimulates the production of collagen on your skin, which makes your skin elastic and smooth. This is how Vitamin C becomes a big help in preventing premature aging. Calcium is another nutrient that alfalfa sprouts have. The amount of calcium on your skin dictates how fast new skin cells are produced to replace old ones, ensuring that your skin remains fresh and younger-looking as time passes.

Alfalfa Sprouts and the Rest of Your Body

Aside from being especially beneficial to your skin, alfalfa sprouts also have a number of benefits for your overall health. It is great for your digestive system because it proves to be a great source of dietary fiber. It helps alleviate the symptoms that come with constipation and diverticulitis, and keeps your digestive tract clean and toxin-free. It is also a good source of protein, which helps you strengthen your immune system. Proteins are a great source of energy especially when you are running low on carbohydrates. It also helps repair the damage in tissues and cells.

Alfalfa sprouts have several micronutrients, which helps in over all body processes. Among these nutrients are niacin, riboflavin, folate, thiamin and Vitamin B6. They are also great for those who are trying to lose some weight, as each serving only contains eight calories. It also contains very little fats, sugar and saturated fat, and helps you feel full after only a little amount of food eaten.

Alfalfa itself is seen to prevent atherosclerosis. This is a cardiovascular disease that involves the accumulation of cholesterol inside your major arteries. It helps control blood sugar as well, which makes it perfect for those who have diabetes.

With the number of benefits that alfalfa sprouts have for the body, it truly is one of the best foods that prevent acne and a whole lot of health conditions and diseases. And because it is all natural, there is very little to no side effects at all, regardless of the amount of alfalfa sprouts you eat. With this in mind, start stocking up on alfalfa sprouts in your kitchen and start incorporating it into your regular diet.

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