How a Glycemic Diet Affects Acne Growth

How a Glycemic Diet Affects Acne GrowthAre you having problems with your acne? Does it seem like you have tried every acne remedy in the market yet nothing seems to be working? If that is indeed the case, you may want to take a look at your diet and exactly what it is you are putting in your body. Experts say that your diet plays a huge role in the condition of your skin and that it is one of the best ways to ensure that you have less breakouts and better skin as a whole.

So what exactly are you eating? Do you stuff your body with lots of junk filled with oil and refined sugars? Do you enjoy fatty foods that fill your body with toxins and other unhealthy components? Perhaps you are unknowingly eating “healthy” food that exacerbates your acne breakouts? For those of you who are ready to finally kick acne to the curb, you may want to try out low glycemic diet for acne.

What is a Low Glycemic Diet for Acne?

A low glycemic diet for acne means you watch what you eat and weed out food and drinks that contain high quantities of sugar. In fact, you should watch out for food and drinks that have a high glycemic index because the studies say that sugar and milk make acne breakouts worse.

As the consumption of sugar and dairy has increased over the last century, so has the number of people that suffer from acne. These days, approximately 17 million people suffer from acne in the US and they cost the health care system about $1 billion per year.  Also, about 80 to 90 percent of teenagers suffer from acne in varying degrees.

The pimply population believes that it all has to do with what they slather and do not slather onto their faces but it has, in fact, more to do with what they eat. A couple of large and controlled trials have found that cow milk causes acne and worsens its severity. There are also other large and randomized prospective controlled trials (the gold standard of medical research, you know) that state people who consume large amounts of sugar and a high glycemic load diet had more acne than other people. This means those of you who love your white bread, white rice, pasta, sugar, and other flour products might have to totally revamp your eating habits. In case that seems extremely prohibitive to you, there is one silver lining and that is dark chocolate doesn’t cause acne.

What should You Eat?

If you must eat your cereals, try to go for sugar-free muesli or porridge. You can enjoy some breads like pumpernickel or sourdough rye bread. If you enjoy your vegetables, avoid high GI ones like pumpkin and parsnips, and load up on green beans, lettuce, and mushrooms instead.  The rule is this: if the food you are about to consume has a GI (glycemic index) of 55 and above, then it’s best if you avoid it.

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