Hot Compress as Acne Remedy

hot compress for acneA lot of people mistakenly think acne is something that happens only to teenagers but there are million adults who will tell you that you are wrong. Adult acne is surprisingly common and this is why there are so many anti-acne products in the market these days. If you too have developed acne in adulthood or if you have a kid that is suffering from acne, you may want to know of some DIY remedies for acne that do not involve a visit to the doctor which means painful pricks and peels. One way to deal with acne is to make use of a hot compress and if you have never used a hot compress for acne before, you will be taught how below.

Why Use a Hot Compress for Acne

You may have never thought about using a hot compress for acne before but it really does work. According to experts, the hot compress releases steam that helps loosen whatever oil, dead skin cells, and dirt clog up the pores. The heat also lessens inflammation and this is evident especially after two or three treatments with the use of a hot compress.

How Is It Done?

This is a very easy method and the steps are as follows:

  • The first step is to wash your face like you normally would. Pat dry with a towel afterwards but do not apply anything just yet.
  • Get some hot water and transfer it into a large bowl.
  • Take a face cloth (preferably made from unbleached fabric with no color) and dip that face cloth into the bowl of hot water. Make sure you wring out any excess water from the cloth so you do not drip all over yourself. An alternative method is to dampen a cloth and pop it in the microwave for several seconds. You may start with just 15 seconds but it may take a shorter or longer amount of time. It just depends on your microwave. Make sure you handle the towel carefully when it is fresh out of the microwave so you do not burn yourself.
  • Take the cloth and place it over your whole face. But before you do this, check the towel the temperature is just should feel very warm but never too hot so that you do not burn your face. You might want to sit down or lie back as the cloth is on your face.
  • If you feel like your towel loses heat too quickly and you do not get the full benefit of the hot compress, get another dry towel and place it over the wet one as this helps retain heat.
  • If the cloth feels like it has cooled down, you can repeat steps 3 to 5 a couple of more times before you carry on with the rest of your skin care routine.

Before you do this or any home remedy for acne, you better check with your doctor first. Nothing compensates for his expertise and he may just prevent you from doing something that will end up in disaster.

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