Home Remedies with Witch Hazel to Use on Acne Spots

witch hazel to clear acneAcne is the general term used to refer to zits, pimples, pustules, and whiteheads that may affect the appearance facial skin. Acne is not fatal but people who suffer from constant acne breakouts will certainly feel their self-esteem plummeting. If you suffer from acne and you want to banish them, there are some home remedies you can try and they will do a marvelous job in helping to clear your skin. There are many ingredients that make powerful acne-busters but one that is really getting a lot of recommendations is witch hazel which tightens the pores and cleans out gunk trapped in them.

Home Remedies Using Witch Hazel To Clear Acne

Rubbing Alcohol mixed with Witch Hazel

  • This powerful combination packs a powerful punch and really goes a long way in banishing acne. To make this home remedy utilizing witch hazel to clear acne, you need to mix equal amounts of witch hazel plus the alcohol; make sure you use a clean dish. Once you have your mix, you just soak balls of cotton in the resulting liquid and dab your acne with the solution generously. Leave the liquid on your skin about 30 minutes after which you can rinse with a splash of lukewarm water. Do not expect to see results over night and give this zit-zapper about two weeks to work.

Witch hazel combined with calamine lotion

  • A home remedy with the use of calamine and witch hazel to clear acne is very simple and is quite cheap to make. To get started, you must first clean your face using a gentle bar of soap and some warm, clean water.  Pat dry when you are done. Take your bottle of calamine lotion and pour out about 2 oz. inside a clean glass jar. Gently, so you do not shake or stir the contents, pour two oz. of witch hazel in the glass jar with the calamine. The pink lotion must be settled on the bottom of your container while the witch hazel floats above. Grab a clean cotton swab and insert it into the bottom layer where the calamine is and dab it on your trouble spots. Allow this to stay on your face for an hour then rinse off with some warm water. The witch will help shrink pores and balance the skin. It also helps shrink the blemishes while the calamine lotion gets rid of excess oil in the skin and kills off bacteria.

Witch hazel mixed with mouth wash

  • Reduce the amount of sebum your skin produces by applying this wonderful DIY astringent to your face. You will need equal amounts of the best witch hazel you can buy and mouth wash (any brand will do!) place cotton pads or balls in this mixture and allow to soak before you run it all over the skin. Pay close attention to areas like the forehead, chin, and nose. Wipe the mixture off the face with warm water and a towel after half an hour.

These home remedies are simple and they are very effective. They will not work overnight so make sure you have some patience to use them for at least two weeks. Before you try these home remedies out, you will need to consult with your doctor first.

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