Have You Thought about Using Banana Peel for Acne?

banana peel for acneWhat do you do once you peel the banana? May be you eat the fruit and toss the peel into the trash or the compost heap but how about using banana peel for acne? It is entirely possible you have never heard of such a thing before and the thought of using banana peel for acne is a touch unorthodox and mildly appalling but it does work and if you suffer from acne breakouts, it is something you need to try out. The way it works and why it works can be a bit hard to understand for the average Jane and Joe but the basic idea is the peels contain lutein and potassium.

How to Use Banana Peels for Acne

You can run a banana peel on your face after you devour fruit but there is a better way of doing it and you will need:

  • Banana peels
  • Banana
  • Corn starch

To use this as a remedy for acne, you will want to take a banana peel and rub the inside of it against the trouble area. Whether your acne is on your face or your body, keep at it because the acne will get better after a few uses. It is best to do the rubbing at night so you do not go around smelling like a banana.

If acne isn’t a problem but psoriasis is, you can once again take a banana peel and rub the inside against your problem areas. It might look all red and splotchy at first but try to use it for a few days and you will notice a big improvement on your skin.

In the occasion that you rub up against some poison ivy, gran a banana and eat it as a snack but do not throw away the peel because you can rub the inside against the affected area. The itching should cease right away and the inflammation should decrease. Reapply as often as you need to. When camping about the great outdoors, you really should bring along some bananas- not only do they make a greats snack but they can also save you from the discomfort of poison ivy.

Warts too do not stand a chance against banana peels. So what you need to do is take that banana peel and rub the inside against your wart every night for at least a week and you will see instant effects. Plantar’s warts along with other kinds of warts do not stand a chance against banana peels. If you want to get rid of the wart in a rush, what you cut up some peel into the right size and tape them over the warts overnight. You should see a difference within two weeks

Quick Face Cream Recipe

Mash one banana in a bowl and put egg white in another. Whisk the egg white till frothy and mix a teaspoon of corn starch in it. Mix them well and add in the mashed banana and mix some more. Apply this all over the face and allow to sit for 15 minutes then rinse and moisturize as usual.

Do keep in mind that as awesome as these peels are, nothing takes the place of sound medical advice from your doctor.

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