Green Smoothie Recipes for Clear Skin

Green Smoothie Recipes for Clear SkinA lot of people tend to invest in fancy and pricy skin care systems but never do anything about their diet or lifestyle. This is mistake number one because it doesn’t matter how fancy your skin care system is if you do not take care of your body from the inside – it will always reflect on the outside. According to experts you need to make sure that you lessen your intake of fat and junk food and increase your water intake. They also say that it pays to take in vitamins and minerals that reduce the toxicity level in the body and deliver vitamins and minerals that promote clear, glowing skin.

One of the best ways to get clear and glowing skin is to prepare juice recipes for healthy skin. Not only are these juice recipes for healthy skin yummy and nutritious but they also detox your body and deliver much-needed vitamins and minerals that promote healthy skin. What makes these smoothies so good is they pack in vitamins and minerals in one glass which you can gulp down or savor slowly sip by sip.

Juice Recipes for Healthy Skin

If you want to work your way to clear and glowing skin with the help of smoothies then you want to gather a few green smoothie recipes. You will also need a blender so everything is nice and creamy.  Below are some staples you will need for your green smoothies:

  • Full fat plain yogurt – about 3 tbsps. It has a nice creamy texture and it also has live lactobacillus that aids in digestions. Yogurt also has protein which is good for the body.
  • Coconut oil – You may cringe and shy away from all oils but not coconut! It is good for the heart and helps boost the metabolism, plus it contains fats that soften the skin. About a teaspoon will do.
  • Spirulina powder – Just a tablespoon of spirulina has tons of vitamins, minerals, and detox benefits.
  • Kale or spinach or a mix of both – You will need about 1 to 2 handfuls. A green smoothie is not a green smoothie without these ingredients. Take note though that spinach has a lighter taste that kale.
  • Whole peeled banana (frozen) – This will add bulk to your smoothie and also make it extra creamy! Plus it has potassium that will bring you all sorts of health benefits.

Of course, these are just the basics of your green smoothie and you can add pretty much any fruit or vegetable that you want. You may add any fruit of any shape, color, and size and the same goes for vegetables. To make things a little sweeter, you can add honey, agave sweetener or stevia. To give it that extra kick, you may even add some coffee and tea to your smoothie (keep it at a minimum). You may drink the smoothie for breakfast or you can even take it at lunch if you are pressed for time. Not only will your skin become clearer and suppler but you might also shed some excess pounds.

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