Facial Massage to Remedy Acne

facial massage for acneWhen it comes to natural acne remedies, there are a lot of methods to choose from. Your options include having a healthier diet, exercising, making use of natural masks, or even trying out facial massage for acne. The first few solutions mentioned are more usually heard, but what about facial massage for acne? This is a kind of natural remedy which is not often tackled but is worth looking into. Here are the things you need to know to figure out if this kind of natural remedy is suitable for you.

How Does a Facial Massage Work Against Acne?

There are a lot of possible causes for acne, and trying out different solutions can help you have a more effective natural routine to make those zits go away. Sometimes, acne is caused by impurities inside your body that cannot just be washed away by topical products or taken off by masks. A facial massage for acne can work by naturally stimulating better blood flow to your skin.

Improved blood flow can mean having healthier and cleaner skin since it can increase the amount of hydrogenated blood that reaches your face. Sometimes, blocked capillaries or fine veins underneath your facial skin can cause acne breakouts since the oil glands are not receiving enough nutrients. You can counter this effect by naturally stimulating facial capillaries through a gentle massage.

Since blood is the primary transport of different nutrients and vitamins that your skin cells need, you can have improved facial skin health simply by giving yourself a good massage. What’s even better is that if you have new or even old acne scars, you can also benefit from using a facial massage routine to gradually lighten these scars over time. This is possible because increased blood flow may help promote improved natural healing from the inside—effectively lightening the scars through a non-invasive way.

How Should a Facial Massage Be Done?

Remember that it is important for you to gradually adjust to this new routine and slowly build up until you reach about having a 20 to 30-minute massage regimen. Initially, you can start by smoothing out a non-comedogenic or light natural oil which your skin will benefit from such as coconut oil, lavender, or rosewood extracts. Use the pads of your fingertips and apply in a kind of up and down motion instead of using a circular motion.

Avoid too much stretching since this may cause wrinkles in the long run, and remember to treat your face lightly. When you have built your routine to reach about 20 to 30 minutes, you can choose to do this every day and see positive results in a few more weeks.

The facial massage works well for countering acne since it can not only increase  blood flow, but when combined with an essential oil, it can also help lift dirt and condition the skin. It also make new skin resurface which promotes natural healing and a fresher looking face by having a radiant and glowing complexion! If unsure how to proceed, consult a dermatologist about proper massage techniques for better results.

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