Effects of Caffeine on Your Acne Concerns

effects of caffeineCoffee is one of the most loved drinks all over the world. However, are you aware of the effects of caffeine on your acne concerns? Several factors should be taken into consideration when determining what exactly causes or aggravates your acne concerns. But you might be taking one of the most normal parts of your daily consumption—coffee.

Excessive intake of coffee can lead to the aggravation of not just your skin concerns but other ailments as well because of its caffeine content. Caffeine is present not just in your coffee which is why you should be more wary about its role on your skin’s health.

Effects of Caffeine to Your Skin

Good coffee beans contain a good amount of antioxidants which is good for your health and it helps you get stimulated. Too much caffeine, however, has its downsides. While there are still no concrete findings on how caffeine aggravates acne, there is a possible link between them.

Your stress hormones are also increased when you have a higher intake of caffeine. It also has an effect on your sebaceous glands which control your skin’s oil production. Having too much caffeine in your system may cause an imbalance in your stress hormones which is what may lead to your acne breakouts.

Other caffeine sources include tea, sodas, hot cocoa, powdered iced tea mixes, and many kinds of energy drinks. Avoiding additional caffeine consumption can help lessen your acne problems. However, even if you rid yourself of your usual caffeine consumption, it still doesn’t guarantee an acne-free face. You still should have a balanced diet and not just zone in on the possible contributions and effects of caffeine on your skin problem. In conclusion, having a balanced diet and taking more wholesome foods and other food items in regulation may be the key to your journey to clearer skin.

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