Dos and Don’ts for Acne-Prone Skin

Dos and Don'ts for Acne-Prone SkinProper skincare for acne-prone skin can help make pimples go away faster. If your face is already riddled with acne or if you just have those mad breakouts once in a while, read these dos and don’ts for your acne prone skin!

What to Do

  • Hydrate – Water is your friend—not just because you can use it to wash your skin, but because it is the most natural way to detoxify your system. Hydrating with water also reduces the oil production of your skin since your cells are naturally hydrated, and it also flushes out toxins and other skin irritants in your system.
  • Hygiene – Wash your face no more than twice a day, and don’t forget to wash your hair as well! Basically, keep your whole body clean and your facial skin as well as other acne-prone areas like the chest, neck, and back to have fewer breakouts.
  • Get moving – Exercise helps regulate your hormones. By having more endocrines or happy hormones in your body, you lessen the levels of cortisol or the stress hormones which contribute to acne breakouts. It also promotes healthy sweating which reduces other toxins as well. Just be sure to take a shower after.
  • Get enough sleep – In accordance with balancing your hormones and reducing stress with exercise, you can also reduce your stress and have clearer skin when your overall system feels rested. Nighttime sleep is the best for your skin, so get at least 8 hours.

What Not to Do

  • Picking – Picking, popping, touching—anything that has to do with your fingers applying pressure on your pimples to make them burst, do NOT do it. You can have an infection and this will also leave acne scars behind!
  • Sweets and oily food – Your diet is very important, and skipping sweets as well as oily food will help avoid those breakouts. Instead of enjoying sweet treats or fast food takeouts, munch on fruits and whole grains to get more fiber into your system which can help you have overall clear skin.
  • Using too much products – Too much facial products can cause your breakouts! Not all products work well with each other, and chemicals which counter each other can harm your skin. Find a system that works for you, and if you can, use natural acne remedies instead of harsh chemical solutions instead. Avoid using makeup too! By letting your skin breathe, you also allow it to heal naturally. Frequently changing your products may also cause negative reactions to form in your skin, which lead to breakouts.
  • Not having a routine skincare for acne-prone skin – Acne won’t go away by itself. You must find a set of products and a skincare routine that will work for you. Establishing your own routine and sticking to it is the key to flawless skin. Combine it with a healthy diet and exercise and your skin will naturally glow!

There are a lot of tips online that feature ways on how you can make acne go away. Remember that not all of those tips about skincare for acne-prone skin work the same way for everyone, so trying out which method will work for you is the way to go.

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