Do Salon Facials Help Clear Your Acne?

Do Salon Facials Help Clear Your Acne?There are a lot of different treatments available for acne. Some of them you can do yourself at home, while some of them have to be done at a doctor’s clinic. Some people go to salons to have theirs done, although a lot of questions are raised about this. How effective are salon facials for acne treatment? Are they safe?

Assessing the Situation

Let’s start with self-assessment. Acne is considered as a serious skin condition, especially if this is something that has been happening persistently on your skin. A lot of factors affect how your skin looks and why acne grows. These factors would determine what the best treatments are, and would somehow assess how serious your acne problem is. When did your acne start? Is this something that you have been experiencing as a teen, or is this your first experience with it? Are the breakouts relatively tame, or are they severe? How often do the breakouts happen? More serious cases of acne would have to be brought to a dermatologist to be examined. There is a big possibility that specialized treatments are needed to address these issues. For mild cases however, some opt for over the counter treatment or salon facials.

Facials for Acne: Do They Work?

Some believe that salon facials actually work for them. After a facial, it is normal to feel that it actually works, considering the way your skin usually feels. Facials make your skin feel smooth and clean and are truly effective in bringing out that glow on your skin. However, these are just considering the short term. People who go for facials find that they need to go through it on a regular basis because the breakouts come back the moment they miss an appointment. Why does this happen? Basically, a facial is effective in getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads and in cleaning your pores out. However, facials also have the tendency to make your pores bigger, making it more sensitive and prone to acne. Bigger pores would mean that it is easier for dirt to settle in, forming a whole new batch of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

What are My Other Choices?

Basically, treatment by a certified dermatologist is still your best bet as far as acne is concerned. Not only will they be able to suggest treatments that would have a more long-term effect, but they would also be able to prevent making the problem worse. Proper cleansing is also a solution. Don’t wait for that monthly facial. Make proper cleansing a daily habit, and exfoliate regularly to clear out your pores. Choose your products well and make sure that they are safe enough to use for acne-prone skin. As much as possible, go all natural to minimize any side effects that chemical-based and synthetic products bring. Find a skin care regimen that works for you, and be patient about the results. After all, skin care and acne treatment is not a short-term deal. Rather, it is something that you should also be looking at on a long-term scale.

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