Do Egg Yolks Work for Acne?

egg yolks for acneThere exists several natural remedies for acne, but you may be surprised with this one. Egg yolks, when used as a mask or spot treatment for problem areas can help give you clearer skin. So, what is the science behind egg yolks and how they can work against acne?

Acne Symptoms

Acne needs to expert to identify. They are bumps on the skin which appear as red and raised bumps. Some people have just one pimple every once in a while which goes away by itself after some time and it is said that this is because of a hormonal imbalance. However, other people are pestered with more permanent acne problems. They can appear most prominently on the cheeks and the oily zone of the face known as the t-zone which is the nose and forehead.

What makes acne even more uncomfortable to have is how they appear as angry red spots on your face which seem to call attention. While some people strictly follow a cleansing routine, some also get disappointed with the lack of improvement seen.

Egg Yolks for Acne

Although using egg yolk is not a miracle cure for acne, people who have tried it have noticed a significant improvement on their skin. Also, since it is a natural remedy and is far from being a harsh chemical, egg yolks for acne is much safer route for individuals who are suffering from acne and would like to get rid of them.

Eggs are known to be a rich source of vitamin A which is one of the vitamins along with vitamin E that is known to be good for the skin. Vitamin A from egg yolks are packed with retinoids specifically retin-A. Retin-A is used for many kinds of cosmetic products since it can help regulate skin cell production. This helps prevent clogged pores which can cause breakouts. 13-cis-retinol which also found in vitamin A also helps with improved skin condition because it regulates oil production.

Vitamin A naturally helps reduce the worsening of skin lesions and other inflammation. This is why immediately after using egg yolks for acne, a noticeable improvement can be seen in the condition of the pimple.

Egg Yolk Mask for Acne

To have your egg yolk mask for acne, crack an egg and separate the yolk from the white. In a bowl, beat it with a fork until well beaten. You can then apply this on your face and let it sit for about 15 to 10 minutes. After this time, you can wash it off with some warm water. While it dries, you can feel a tightening effect on your skin. This is perfectly natural!

Remember that this would work better if you apply on clean skin so cleanse with a mild cleanser before using the egg yolk mask. You can do this every day for a few minutes and in a month or even less, you will see the result which is acne-free skin.

If you experience any worsening or some other skin concerns, remember that consulting a dermatologist is still the best way to properly care for your skin.

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