Dealing with Acne Keloidalis Nuchae

acne keloidalisAcne keloidalis nuchae which is also known as keloidal folliculitis is a condition where ingrown hairs occur along the neck and the back. These ingrown hairs aren’t really all that bad but they do tend to become inflamed which results in the formation of acne-like lesions and bumps. If left on their own these inflammations will become worse and scars may occur. Nothing beats getting the professional opinion and help of a dermatologist but there are also some home remedies for acne keloidalis that you can try out.

Dealing with Acne Keloidalis at Home

  • The first thing you want to do is to wash the back of your neck with the use of a gentle cleanser. Go for the non-abrasive kinds that are alcohol free. If it just so happens that the affected area goes up until the hairline, try not to use shampoos that contain heavy detergents. Use baby shampoo instead as it has a more gentle formula that will not irritate the already irritated skin. You may be tempted to wash the acne-like lesions and scrub and rub at them but do not do this as you can just worsen the condition and cause even more inflammations.
  • Shaving too close to the area affected with acne keloidalis should also be avoided because shaving just makes inflammations worse. Try not to cut the hair on your neck very close to the skin either since doing so will just make your acne keloidalis worse. Also, avoid the use of hair products like gels and pomades since these may melt and trickle down to the back of your neck which will irritate your skin.
  • You will be sorely tempted to pick and scratch at the acne bumps but do your best to avoid this because it will just make your problem worse. If the affected area is itchy, simply reach for an anti-itch cream and apply it in the affected area. When necessary, wear mitts on your hands when you are sleeping so you do not do any damage even if you scratch the acne bumps in your sleep.
  • If you suffer from this problem, do not wear hats, caps, or any athletic head gear since these can rub up against the neck which will just irritate the lesions even more. Also, avoid wearing shirts with high collars or avoid popping your collar since doing so may cause it to rub against the affected area and just make it worse.

These ingrown hairs are indeed a bother and they can sometimes take a turn for the worse especially if they aren’t handled the right way. The best thing you can do is to visit your dermatologist to ask for some help and advice but it also pays to take note of these warnings and tips especially if you do not have the time or the money to make regular trips to you skin care expert. With just a bit of care and a whole lot of patience, you can defeat this condition and even emerge scar-free.

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