Chinese Herbs for Acne

Chinese Herbs for AcneTraditional Chinese Medicine has been one of the precursors of today version of herbal medicines. Most of the herbs and drugs we use nowadays are derived from some of the potent herbs and plants used by the Chinese centuries ago. Their medicinal practices are very potent and target the root cause of the problem for more effective results. The Chinese medicine identifies two major causes of acne: excessive toxins in the body and too much heat in the stomach and lungs. These two causes are targeted and eliminated while continually strengthening the body, distributing energy and nutrition and restoring the body’s natural ability to relieve and protect itself from diseases and health problems.

Herbal Diet Regimen for Fast Relief of Acne

In order to cool down the body and eliminate the toxins, a diet regimen must be followed. This was formulated by the Chinese for a more effective remedy for acne. Aside from daily intake of herbal remedies, a healthy diet must also be consumed for prevention of future acne breakouts. The Chinese identified certain foods that can help eliminate and reduce symptoms of acne. These include carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, carrot tops, squash, lettuce, mung beans, cabbage, dandelions, beet tops, cherries, pears, persimmons, raspberries, watermelon, pears and alfalfa sprouts. The foods that must be avoided for a clear skin are ice cream, chocolate, red meat, alcohol, soft drinks, mushrooms, oily and spicy foods and shellfish.

Chinese Herbs for Eliminating Acne and Its Causes

The Chinese Medicine offers different types of remedy depending on the underlying causes. Herbs are selected according to which causes they can eliminate and how they can benefit the body. Each person has different degrees of needs and causes. The right amount and combination of herbs must be followed. It is best to consult an expert on Chinese herbal medicine or a dermatologist for proper and more effective prescription. These herbs have been proven to be safe and effective in getting rid of the acne problem.

  • Root water – one of the most effective Chinese herbs in eliminating causes of acne. Root water can be found in the dense forests of China. It can get rid of acne without leaving any marks or scars. The root water is a combination of root herbs and alcohol with potent elements that can remove skin blemishes and restore facial tissues. Apply on the skin using cotton balls.
  • Bai Zhu – also called Atractylodes macrocephala. It contains glucoside, essential oils and inulin which can promote healthier skin and relieve fungal infections. It can also be combined with wine or vinegar for getting rid of freckles and acne.
  • Bai Ji – Bletilla rhizome is a Chinese herbal remedy effective against external skin conditions including acne. It can lubricate the skin to prevent clogging and irritation.
  • Bai Lian – the roots and leaves of this perennial herb can be used in relieving acne and its symptoms.
  • Bai Guo – the seeds of the famous Ginkgo biloba prevents roughness and dryness of the skin. They also get rid of acne and other skin conditions on the forehead, hands and back.
  • Bai Fu Zi – it is a popular herb used in most acne creams. The roots of this herb can be mixed with honey or wine for an instant remedy for the acne scars and freckles.

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