Chin Acne in Women – Causes and Remedies

Chin Acne in Women Acne growing on the side of your face is horrible but it is manageable since it is hidden from view but ace growing on your nose, on your forehead, and on your chin is something else entirely. It would be nice if every acne breakout you ever had was on a not-so-visible part of your face but do you ever find yourself wondering exactly how acne grows and why it grows where it does? Take for instance chin acne in women; these breakouts do not only look strange but they are also usually painful and hard to get rid of.

But Why Exactly Does Acne Grow on the Chin and not in Any Other Area?

You better believe that acne on the chin is not there by coincidence and there is a reason why it is there. If you want to get rid of chin acne, you better learn its causes so you know how to remedy it.  Acne, in general, is what happens when pores are clogged with excess sebum, dead skin cells, and dirt. There are many different kinds of acne caused by clogs. Chin acne is usually caused by a sudden surge of hormones in the body and this is why teens and pregnant women usually get them. Another cause for chin acne is a sudden surge of testosterone in the body just before menstruation starts.

Some people get acne in the chin because it is one area in the body that produces a lot of oil. Failure to cleanse and tone the area can result in acne and so does touching it all the time. Your hands are dirty and simply by cupping your face in your hands on touching your chin in thought can introduce acne-causing bacteria to your already acne-susceptible chin.

Getting Rid of Chin Acne in Women

One good way to prevent chin acne in women is to make sure you keep your hands out of the area. If you already have acne, do not keep on touching it so it does not become aggravated and inflamed. Another thing you can do is apply some OTC creams which are readily available in stores or if you want to take the more natural route, you may always use lemon juice or tea tree oil. A simple dab of lemon juice to the zits will get rid of acne-causing bacteria and the same goes for lemon juice.

Of course, topical acne remedies can only do so much and if you want better and more long-lasting results, you need to clean up your act. This means you need to avoid overly oily and fatty food and try to take in some zinc at the same time. Vitamins like vitamin B5 can bring about some really good benefits for acne –prone skin so try them out.

It goes without saying though that before you do anything to your face, or apply anything to your chin, it is a good idea to consult with your skin are expert first so you avoid complicating things further.

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