Cause of Acne on Forehead and Remedies to Try

cause of acne on forehead Developing acne on the sides of your face is bad enough but can you imagine how horrible it is to have a bright red zit growing on your forehead? One is bad enough but imagine when you have a whole cluster of them? It is enough to make you want to scream and hide for a week or until the breakout finally goes away.

Like a lot of people, you may be wondering what is the cause of acne on forehead and you will do well to wonder because once you know what causes it, you will be less likely develop acne on that spot on your face. Prevention is better than cure and you better bet that acne on your forehead can be eliminated for sure.

Cause of Acne on Forehead

For the most part, your forehead is part of the T-zone which means it is the oiliest part of your face. When there is excess sebum on the face, chances are you will develop acne especially if you do not follow a proper skin care routine for your skin type and you do not eat well. A bad diet, one that is rich in fat and oils, can also bring about acne that you want to avoid as much as possible. Lack of zinc can also cause acne to develop on your forehead and other areas on the t-zone.

Another cause of acne on forehead would have to hormones. This is the reason why teenagers develop acne. All those hormones raging in their bodies cause an imbalance and thus the zits erupt.  Girls who get their periods every month may notice zits popping up as well and this is but a normal effect of the hormones. Even adults can get acne breakouts due to hormones and this is why pregnant women who have never had acne in their lives suddenly develop spots.

Hair products can also bring about acne. Hair gels, mousse, and wax can all melt and residue will then go to the forehead are where they will most likely clog pores or irritate the skin which is what causes acne. The same goes for makeup that doesn’t get completely cleaned off at the end of the day.

Preventing Acne

When you have acne on your forehead, it is a good idea to try several remedies at once. Change your diet to something healthier, avoid hair products, and make sure you use non-comedogenic makeup. If you must use topical anti-acne products, why not try out some natural remedies first? They are cheaper, easy to make, and will not contain any chemicals that will make acne worse.

Lemon juice, yogurt, tea tree oil, and coconut oil work wonders on acne and they are easily available too. Before you try out anything to prevent acne on your forehead, make sure you have a chat with your doctor so he can give you the go-ahead of perhaps tell you to try some other remedy that may bring better effects.

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