Can Coffee Cause Acne? How?

Can Coffee Cause Acne? How?Coffee is a staple morning drink for most people. Its aroma is enough to give some individuals the kick-start they need in the morning. However, not everyone benefits from coffee, and true to the age-old piece of advice which says “Take everything with moderation,” you can’t have too much of anything. Coffee is no exception to this rule.

Can Coffee Cause Acne?

Coffee lovers or even those who seldom drink coffee may wonder if coffee causes acne. The simple answer to this question is: Yes, coffee causes acne. Coffee is a complex drink and it has quite a lot of ingredients in it! Coffee beans are powerhouses of strong plant substances and these world-famous caffeine sources might just be the reason behind your acne breakouts. Here’s why:

  • Coffee heightens your body’s response to stress. Since it has caffeine which gets your system going, coffee makes you more alert and, at times, even more stressed. Stress is one of the causes of acne, and by heightening it with coffee intake you might be aggravating your breakouts.
  • Sugar and milk you add in coffee can add to why coffee causes acne. Dairy products, especially those from cows which are treated with hormones, may cause chemical imbalances in your system. Sugar, on the other hand, sets your blood sugar level up high and boosts inflammation and redness. It also prompts the skin to produce more oil!
  • Coffee can start sweet cravings. Because coffee has the effect of magnifying your stress, your body then feels the need for sweets which can counter that stressful feeling. If you drink coffee on a daily basis, you are putting yourself at more risk of craving for sweets.
  • Your gut flora may suffer from too much coffee. Your body has its own colony of microflora which keeps your system in check. Coffee can promote the growth of bad bacteria and overpower good bacteria. This, in turn, hampers your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients you need from food to naturally counter acne breakouts from within.

Because of these effects of coffee, having just a cup a day ought to suffice if you would like to have that morning dose of caffeine while still taking care of your skin. Here are some other tips you can follow to avoid getting acne breakouts caused by your coffee intake:

  • Drink some more water after you have your coffee. By drinking more water, coffee will be flushed out of your system faster. Water is still the best detoxifier, so have a ready glass of water after having coffee.
  • Reduce your milk and sugar. Coffee can be good for you, but lessen the acne-causing effects it has by cutting back on the milk and sugar that you add to make it more palatable.
  • Avoid other caffeinated products if you choose to have coffee as a part of your day. A single cup of coffee has enough caffeine you need for a day, so steer clear of other caffeine sources like soda or other teas.

You can still enjoy your morning cup of coffee, but be mindful of the effects of too much caffeine on your skin!

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