Best Natural Acne Solutions for Asian Skin

Best Natural Acne Solutions for Asian SkinDifferent skin types have different needs, and there are times when the ethnicity of a person can also affect the necessary acne solutions. Just as there are specific solutions for acne for people who have dark skin, there are also some solutions which can be more effective for Asian skin. Here are some of them:

  • Skin protection from the sun. Since most Asians have more melanin on their skin which makes them more sensitive to inflammatory effects, proper skin protection such as bringing and umbrella or wearing hats long-sleeved clothes can help in minimizing the possible breakouts from sun sensitivity.
  • To avoid hyperpigmentation as well as surface problems, proper exfoliation is a must too. Using fine sugar combined with honey can help exfoliate the face gently while lifting trapped dirt and bacteria as well.
  • For those in the more tropical areas of Asia, staying properly hydrated to avoid overproduction of oil can help lessen breakouts. Simply drinking lots of water can help counter this reaction of the skin.
  • To prevent the irritation from shampooing, washing the face must be done after washing the hair since chemicals from shampoo may also get into the facial pores and irritate the skin.

Try these basic skin care tips for Asians to avoid acne breakouts!

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