Avoid These Foods and Be Acne-Free

Avoid These Foods and Be Acne-FreeAcne breakout is a nightmare for every teenager. No one wants to have pimples on their face and when you have even just one, you will always find the best way possible to get rid of the acne as fast as possible.

There are foods that can trigger acne breakout. But, the consensus seems to be that common foods have different effects on every person. Chocolate for example can cause acne breakout on one person but cheese can cause breakouts for another. While there are foods that can affect an individual, there are specific foods that are known to really spark a reaction as well.

Here is a list of foods that can trigger acne. If you have acne breakouts, try not to eat these foods. You can eliminate these foods gradually. If you want to have smooth and clear skin, then avoid these foods as much as possible.

Eating Too Much Fat

Fat in the body can cause problems such as the levels of your blood sugar. The blood sugar can either go too low or too high which are both can be dangerous for the body. This hormonal imbalance can increase the production of sebum and can block the pores that result to acne breakout.

Dairy Products Can Cause Acne

Dairy products carry the most potential foods that can cause acne breakouts. This is because dairy products are high in fat.

  • Cheese and ice cream contain too much fat.
  • Milk from pregnant cows. Milk is high in fat and contains hormones. Your skin glands contain enzymes than can transform these hormones into DHT hormone which increase hormone production in your skin which can result in an acne breakout. In addition, the human body’s digestive system lacks the enzyme to digest milk from animals. If the digestion is incomplete, the body will absorb large molecules. The body will not recognize these molecules and the immune system will treat them as “foreign” and attacks them. When this happens, the body will react with inflammation and increase oxidative stress and these can result to acne.

Refined Carbohydrates Can Cause Acne

This is about grains and refined sugars. Fruits high in carbohydrates do not pose a threat for acne because the fiber in them slows down sugar digestion.

  • Sweeteners.  The problem with refined carbohydrates can cause a problem in the bloodstream by increasing the blood sugar levels thereby eating too much fat can trigger acne.
  • Refined sugars. The foods are refined that it came to the point where there were no more nutrients found. To digests these refined sugars in the body can take up much of the body’s carbohydrate reserve which can lead to deficiencies and can result in acne problems.
  • Grains. Refined or not, like milk, the human body cannot digests grains. The body has no property to completely digest grains which means that eating grains can cause allergic reactions. When you have allergic reactions, it can certainly cause inflammation and oxidative stress which can result to acne.
  • Processed foods. The ingredients of processed foods can have refined sugar and fats which is known to trigger acne. Moreover, the preservatives used in processed foods can cause acne as well.

There are other foods that can cause acne and to know these foods to avoid, can give you wonderful glowing skin.

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