Almond Oil as a Facial Moisturizer for Acne

almond oil for acneAlmonds have long been considered as a potent ingredient in skin condition remedies. It is one of the fruits used in making homemade skin care regimen because of its nutrients and active ingredients. These nutrients are found in its oil extracts which can be contained from almond seeds. The oil is used as a skin emollient. Massage therapists used it for lubricating the skin during and after massage sessions. Studies have attested to the potency and effectiveness of almond oil as a moisturizer for a skin suffering from acne breakouts.

The dried kernel of an almond seed is used to extract the almond oil. It has a clear, odorless and pale yellow color with a nutty and bland taste. It is considered as one of the least greasy and easily absorbed oils.

Properties and Active Ingredients of Almond Oil

Almond oil is known for its emollient effects and lubricating property on the skin. It can soothe the skin and relieve inflammations and allergies. Dry, chapped, flaky, cracked and hard skin can be remedied by applying the oil on the affected area of the skin. The main components of almond oil are fatty acids which are composed of the glycerides of linoleic and oleic acids, fatty alcohols or phytosterols, antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamins E and K. It also contains antimicrobial actions on the skin which help eliminate the bacteria that cause acne and other types of skin infections. The emollient effects of the almond oil rejuvenate the skin, remedy sunburns and even out skin tone. Its vitamin E content helps reduce and slow down the onset of ageing symptoms which include fine lines and wrinkles.

Benefits that Almond Oil has on the Skin

The almond oil has many benefits, not only on the skin, but on the whole body as well. It can lighten and clear the skin from blemishes which leave it supple and soft. It can also preserve the moisture and normalize its pH balance. Spots, marks, roughness and dryness of the skin can be relieved with daily massage and application of almond oil on the skin. It can clean the skin and unclog the pores to prevent pimples and acne from occurring. Regular massage can promote better blood circulation and can moisturize and hydrate the skin. It can also reduce scars caused by acne and lighten dark spots. The almond oil does not contribute to the oil in the skin as it is not greasy and the skin easily absorbs its components. Applying the oil on the skin can reduce the effects of ultraviolet rays.

How to Use and Precautions to Take

Almond oil can be applied topically or be used in massage or spa oils. It can be used in facial wash, lotions and moisturizers. For better absorption, apply directly to the affected area of the skin. Put a small amount of almond oil and lather on the skin then massage gently. Let the oil soak in the skin then rinse off after some time. Apply a second layer for moisturizing the skin and relieving acne. Use the sweet almond oil instead of the bitter one. This must be done every night before going to bed. Consult the dermatologist if you have allergies and for better prescription.

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