Empirical Ways on How to Treat Acne

how to treat acneIf there is that one skin disease that remains prevalent today, it has to be acne. It not only affects most teenagers but mature women, as well, and the search for the most efficient and effective ways on how to treat acne continues. The treatment of acne yields a different result for each one, and is, therefore, treated individually. The key to generally acquiring an acne-free skin lies in how one takes proper care of their skin, thus, eliminating acne in the process.

The cure of acne is an intricate issue but here are practical, safe and proven ways to getting rid of this embarrassing and annoying skin disease.

  • Regular gentle washing of the face using only a mild soap, once in the morning and before going to sleep, is a must. This simple routine strips the face of dirt, excess oil and make-up that clog the pores and cause the outbreak of acne. Pricking the bumps, over-washing and brisk scrubbing of the face can cause further damage and irritation to the skin.
  • Azelaic Acid, a less known cream compared to Benzoyl Peroxide and Retinoid, is a comprehensive, super effective cure for acne. Just like any other creams available in the market, precautions have to be taken because improper use may lead to skin irritation.
  • Although it is best for acne sufferers to not use any make-up, one can still use it sparingly, and provided they choose non-comedogenic cosmetic products and toiletries that do not clog up the pores of the face.
  • If one is not comfortable with over-the counter creams and drugs, it is harmless to go ahead and explore other ways on how to treat acne the natural way. Homemade, natural remedies such as the topical application of Aloe Vera, lemons, cucumbers, and garlic, are said to be effective in warding off acne-causing bacteria. Facial masks or scrubs made with honey and grated apples, tomatoes, oatmeal, cloves and yoghurt, are also said to have the same effect.
  • When there seems to be no relief and improvement to simple facial rituals and creams, the dermatologist may prescribe other acne cures such as laser light or skin peels. These procedures may sound scary and something one isn’t just about to do drastically, but a proper consultation with a dermatologist may just give you the right answer. Some who have tried either one of these methods found it to be highly effective.

Maintaining a Healthy, Acne-Free Lifestyle

The acne experts say that proper diet and proper nutrition plays a vital role in how to treat acne. Having the right balance of nutrients and vitamins will ultimately give one an acne-free skin. Along with eating a healthy daily portion of fruits and vegetables, one has to also take in Vitamins A, C, E and Zinc. Zinc reduces inflammation and aids in wound healing. It is best to stir clear of junk food and other oily and processed food that trigger acne. Also, drinking 8 glasses of water a day will hydrate and eliminate harmful toxins from the body.

While maintaining proper diet, one must not forget to practice cleanliness and proper hygiene. Make sure to wash the hands before even touching the face. The scalp should be kept clean and pillowcases changed every other day, because the accumulation of dirt can irritate the acne. Exercise is equally important to keep one’s stresses and anxieties at bay. Given the ways on how to treat acne, there is no reason one cannot enjoy a happy and acne-free life.