When and Why Does Adult Acne Appear

What Is Adult Acne?

adult acne

The statistics show that there is a significant percentage of adult that still experience acne. Contrary to popular belief, adolescents and teenagers are not the only ones who suffer from acne. There is such thing as adult acne which is basically acne that occurs in adults. In the past few decades, doctors have noticed an alarming increase of said case.

Causes of Acne in Adults

Up until today, experts have a hard time pinpointing the cause of adult acne. However, the most common reasons are hormonal changes, cosmetic and skin care products, stress, and the mutation of bacteria. On the other hand, it has been found to be a very common condition in adult women as they approach their monthly menstrual period.

How Can Adult Acne Be Treated?

The most important part of treating adult acne is to keep in mind that it should not be treated the way a teenager would. It should be treated with seriousness and care. Adults should first consult a specialist to determine the cause. On the other hand, for less severe cases, one can treat acne by applying, benzoyl peroxide on the affected areas. One can also try having facials once in a while to clear the face of excess oil and dead cells. Cosmetic clinics also offer professional and state-of-the-art treatments to clear up acne at once. One should also take his or her diet responsibly by maintaining a balanced intake of food. An easy regimen to avoid it is possible.

Suggested Cleansing Regimen

One should first begin with a mild facial cleanser. People tend to give in to over-advertised facial washes that are mostly harsh. Harsh facial products will only cause irritation which in turn leads to break-outs. After washing the face or any affected area, one should then apply a dermatologist-prescribed toner to clean excess oil and remove dead skin cells. Finally, it is important to apply a non-oil based moisturizer to maintain suppleness and avoid further irritation that is sometimes caused by dry skin.

Don’t Fret – Take a Step

Acne can affect not only the physical aspect of a person but ultimately, psychological. Everyone thinks that acne is a thing of the past once they go past puberty. However, it is definitely a nightmare to find one’s self with acne. However, an adult who is suffering from acne must know that it isn’t that rare. There are a lot of factors as well as ways on how to prevent or cure acne. With the right professional help, products, discipline, and patience, one would easily see improvements.
If the doctor determines that dirt is merely the cause, having a regular cleaning regimen would definitely prove effective. On the other hand, if it has something to do with hormones, one should simply give an extra amount of effort to ensure that their body is healthy. Taking vitamins and necessary nutrients will also help in avoiding or curing adult acne. With all these, one should not worry or stress one’s self too much about acne because there are many ways to treat it. The most important thing when encountering this case is to take an active step to put a solution to it. It is wise to consult a specialist instead of dealing with it alone.

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