Acne Treatment Using Herbal Tea Made from Rooibos

 herbal tea for acne You may have already tried herbal tea for acne as your natural remedy and found that these usually warm drinks can indeed help give you much clearer skin. However, you might be missing out on the power of one specific herbal tea for pimples which is rooibos tea. The usual tea used for acne is green tea and this is the more easily available option. But if you would like to try a different yet equally effective herbal tea for your acne, you can try out rooibos tea.

What Is Rooibos?

A plant which originates from South Africa, rooibos is now hitting a sweet spot in the hearts of acne sufferers. It literally means “red bush” and is one of the members of the legume family. Recently, rooibos has been gaining popularity as an herbal drink and more particularly as an acne remedy. Japanese scientists were able to determine that this herb is not just good for overall health, but has positive impacts on acne conditions as well.

How Does Rooibos Work Against Acne?

The most common cause of acne is the excessive oil production. When exposed to bacteria, oil can trap these skin irritants which lead to acne breakouts. Rooibos tea has excellent antibacterial properties which makes it a great herbal tea for acne. Other than being a natural antibacterial substance, rooibos also has great anti-inflammatory effects which make it even better in lessening the visible redness and bumps that acne causes on your skin. For individuals who suffer from cystic acne, having rooibos tea around can help you achieve the clear skin you have always wanted.

This tea has beneficial natural properties for your skin, both when consumed and applied topically. It contains alpha hydroxy acid as well as zinc which are both ingredients for having healthier skin.

How to Use Rooibos as an Herbal Tea for Acne

Rooibos tea can be easily prepared once you have the raw ingredients you need. Take some rooibos tea bags and allow it to steep in hot water for about 10-15 minutes. This will allow the flavor to blend with the water and the resulting infusion will be loaded with the natural plant compounds that make it an effective natural tea for acne.

You can drink about 6 cups of rooibos tea on a daily basis for a therapeutic effect. It is also a great source of antioxidants which makes it a great internal method for fighting acne-causing agents. Brewing it for at least 10 minutes will release most of the antioxidants from the tea. It would take about a week for you to see the effects of drinking rooibos tea regularly.

If you would like to use it in a topical method, brew it as usual and allow it to cool. Using a cotton ball, spread the tea over your cleansed face. This will act as a kind of natural cleanser and toner without staining your skin. You can do this twice a day and there will be no need for rinsing after you have applied it and let it dry.

The next chance you get, go purchase that rooibos tea pack and try it out to help you have clearer, acne-free skin!

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