ZapZyt Products for Zapping Away Acne Breakouts

ZapZyt Products for Zapping Away Acne BreakoutsZapzyt® acne treatment through their acne wash and benzoyl peroxide acne treatment gel can work well for mild to moderate acne by killing bacteria and preventing future acne breakouts. The Zapzyt Acne Wash® is an alcohol and oil-free wash which works to gently cleanse your skin while containing 2% salicylic acid. The acne wash lathers well and makes use of both chemical and natural ingredients to give you a thorough cleanse while at the same time soothing your skin. It is able to deeply penetrate into your pores to keep them clog free while simultaneously working to reduce existing blemishes as well.

Pros of Using Zapzyt®

Because of the natural ingredients used in the acne wash, Zapzyt® works as a gentle cleanser which does not hurt your skin as you thoroughly cleanse it. Chamomile and aloe extracts work as skin soothing agents which give you a clean and fresh feeling while preventing irritation. The ingredients in the acne wash leave your skin free of residue and reduce its overall oil production as well. The product is also easily available and comes at an affordable price which makes it an attractive solution for acne treatment right at home through facial washing.

When you use the benzoyl peroxide acne treatment gel, the size of the pimples is reduced and it can work on making several pimples disappear at once. Apart from that, this water-based gel also helps reduce whiteheads, blemishes caused by acne, and blackheads. Used in combination with the acne wash, the ingredients complement each other by soothing the skin after cleansing and preparing it for the spot treatment using the gel to quickly zap acne away. The acne gel does not contain any extra ingredients such as fragrance which can be behind the irritation felt by some when using other scented gel products.

The acne treatment gel can be spread in a thin layer over the affected areas and can be applied after cleansing with the acne wash and before applying moisturizers or makeup. The product can also be used up to three times daily but should excessive drying ever occur, application can be reduced.

Cons of Using Zapzyt®

The active ingredient for the acne wash is 2% salicylic acid which helps in the bacteria-killing and pimple-preventing process while the benzoyl peroxide acne treatment gel has 10% benzoyl peroxide as the main ingredient. Too much washing with this product may cause excessive drying of the skin since it works to counter oil production.

Although the gel is water-based, it can dry the pimples and the surrounding skin which is why consulting your dermatologist is advised before using this strength. Ten percent benzoyl peroxide is the strongest percentage for topical acne treatment solutions and although it may work for some, individuals with sensitive skin should be especially careful and should ask for the advice of a professional before applying this product.

Before making use of any product on your skin to treat acne at home, make sure to consult your trusted dermatologist to check if the acne product and ingredients that it has will be compatible with your skin type and acne concerns.



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