Clear Days Ahead with the Philosophy Acne Treatment Kit

Clear Days Ahead with the Philosophy Acne Treatment KitAcne is a common skin condition that affects people from the teenage bracket even up to the adult stage. It occurs when the skin is clogged and the result is usually mad acne breakouts which are caused by the trapped dirt and bacteria.

What Is Philosophy® Acne Treatment?

Philosophy Clear Days Ahead treatment® is a kind of advanced and fast-acting acne treatment system that eliminates bacteria-causing acne. Their acne treatment kit includes the oil-free acne treatment cleanser with salicylic acid, the oil-free moisturizer which also has salicylic acid, their overnight acne treatment pads, and the fast-acting salicylic acid spot treatment.

It makes use of salicylic acid as the active ingredient, but also combines it with helpful natural ingredients such as soothing jojoba extracts and orange peel extracts. The citrusy scent coupled with the antibacterial actions of orange peel work well with the soothing and skin-calming effects of jojoba extracts which makes the Philosophy cleanser excellent for getting rid of bacteria-causing acne while soothing your skin as well.

Pros of Using Philosophy® Acne Treatment

Philosophy Clear Days Ahead® has products intended for day and night use and these work together to provide you 24/7 protection against acne. It effectively kills bacteria, protects your skin from future breakouts, and reduces existing blemishes you have from previous acne breakouts. The spot treatment can be used on an as-needed basis and when the system is used even on a daily basis, it does not cause over drying which is usually the problem with other acne-treatment products. Because of the jojoba extracts, the skin is nurtured while the active chemical ingredients including salicylic acid counter the bad bacteria that lead to breakouts.

Their products can help provide clearer skin while working in a gentle cleansing manner. Texture as well as skin tone is also improved. With regular use, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads are also reduced. It has a lightweight formulation which does not leave residues on the skin, allowing it to breathe and heal naturally.

Cons of Using Philosophy® Acne Treatment

Generally, Philosophy Clear Days Ahead® acne treatment works well for those who use it properly and with the guidance of their dermatologist who can determine what routine will best work for their skin. One of the main cons is that it is expensive, and even the larger kit which costs about $65 can be too heavy for the budget of some.

Depending on the skin condition, some experience a longer wait time to see the results especially when it comes to addressing whiteheads. For those who have particularly sensitive skin, the fast-acting treatment offered by Philosophy Clear Days Ahead® can be a little harsh which is why individuals who have sensitive skin should definitely seek the advice of their dermatologist first before using this product.

Other than those concerns, Philosophy Clear Days Ahead® works well when used properly and on a regular basis. Prevention of pimples is achieved and more beautiful, clear, and smooth to touch skin will be the result of using it with the proper guidance of your trusted dermatologist to see which of the products and how much of them would work well for you.



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