Neutrogena skin iD Reviews

neutrogena skin id reviews

Neutrogena skin iD Reviews Reveal Pros and Cons

Neutrogena® is one of the most highly respected skin care companies in the United States. It was one of the first to gain a large market share with products designed especially for sensitive skin, and has since become synonymous with gentle, effective skincare for all skin types. In 2009, after three years in development, it introduced the skin iD® product line, intended to treat acne in both teenagers and adults. In an analysis of Neutrogena skin iD reviews from a wide cross-section of users, it was found to be mostly well liked.

Neutrogena® developed skin iD® in response to a market need for an acne treatment that doesn’t treat all skin the same. A team of dermatologists, scientists, and marketing personnel looked at which existing treatments were effective against which types of acne. They did further research into the demographics of acne sufferers: activity level, climate, stress level, and more. Combining these factors, they then set to work to develop a series of products which could be combined in different ways for each acne sufferer’s own, specific needs.

The Only Personalized Acne Treatment

Neutrogena skin iD® is unique in that it begins with an evaluation.
The evaluation questions were developed by dermatologists to cover all the relevant acne topics. There are 25, three-product regimens, so each user gets just what they need and none of what they don’t. This is a unique benefit which skin iD® brings to the market. The evaluation consists of 20 questions in 3 areas: skin, products, and lifestyle. Age is also taken into consideration, as adults may have different skin concerns (besides acne) than teenagers do. Questions include stress level, amount of sun exposure, cosmetics used (if any), frequency and type of break-outs, skin type and condition, and more.

Each question has enough options so that anyone should be able to find the right answer. The answers create a comprehensive picture which is then used to determine the three products which will be most effective in treating that individual’s acne. Other, supporting products can be purchased separately. Because of the importance of the evaluation step, Neutrogena skin iD® products are not available in drugstores or from large online retailers. It is suggested that, as skin changes, the evaluation should be retaken, as product recommendations may change.

Treats All Kinds of Acne

There are two main categories of acne.

  • Non-inflammatory acne consists of clogged hair follicles, which develop into whiteheads and blackheads.
  • Inflammatory acne is more severe, characterized by the development of papules, pustules, and cysts. It can be quite painful and often leads to scarring. Secondary bacterial infections of the skin are common.

Neutrogena skin iD® products have been developed so that they are effective – depending on the different combinations – against all the different types of acne. In the evaluation, an individual can select any or all of a number of different acne symptoms.

Clinically Proven to Be Effective

In clinical studies, Neutrogena skin iD® performed very well. It was twice as effective as the leading acne treatment system in clearing acne, doing the job in half the time. Within eight weeks, 100 percent of the participants in the study who were using skin iD® had clearer, healthier skin. 16 signs of acne were evaluated, and Neutrogena skin iD® outperformed both the placebo (which contains no active ingredients) and the leading acne product in all 16 areas.

Neutrogena skin iD Reviews: Pros and Cons

Overall, users of Neutrogena skin iD® have been quite satisfied with it.

  • Most users described the system as highly effective and fast acting.
  • Many users in all age groups found that their skin was healthier and clearer in as little as week.
  • A few users mentioned that they liked the inclusion of a free gift in the shipment of product.
  • Acne sufferers who live outside the United States have been disappointed to discover that, at least at the current time, Neutrogena skin iD® is not available for them to purchase.
  • All acne treatments work by reducing skin oil, which can sometimes result in a feeling of excess dryness, as some users experienced with skin iD®.
  • A purchase membership includes automatic shipment of products every 60 days. Some users do not like this feature, preferring to order product as needed.

The Bottom Line

Neutrogena skin iD® is:

  • Clinically Proven
  • Effective: 100 Percent of Users in the Study Had Clearer Skin in 8 Weeks
  • Personalized for Each User’s Skin Type and Lifestyle through the Skin iD® Evaluation
  • Interactive, with Access to a Real Dermatologist for Questions and Advice
  • Guaranteed to Produce Clearer Skin in 14 Days

The Neutrogena skin iD reviews have shown it to be well-liked by users. It was highly effective on all kinds of acne. The primary disadvantage was that it is not available outside the United States. Purchasers should also be aware of the automatic shipment program.

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