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acne treatmentAcne Treatment Reviews – Clinique Acne Solutions®

For those who suffer from acne outbreaks, whether they are occasional or frequent, mild or severe, the search for an effective acne treatment is an almost continuous exercise. Drugstore products often aren’t effective enough, especially for the most severe cases, and prescription medications are expensive and have serious side effects. With so many people seeking relief, the treatment of acne has become big business and there are a large number of different products and product systems available to choose from.

How an Acne Treatment Should Work

Experts agree that the best approach to long-term relief is through the use of a system of products. Treating just the pimples does nothing to heal the skin underneath, so it is helpless to resist new breakouts from happening. To clear pimples, acne treatments focus on drying the affected areas, and drawing out the debris that collects in pores, clogging them. This drying can be hard on skin that is already stressed out. If not properly hydrated, skin responds by producing even more oil. In order to experience true long-term relief from acne breakouts, the dead skin needs to be removed, oil production must be controlled, and the skin’s own ability to replenish itself through normal turnover of cells and the production of strengthening collagen fibers has to be supported.

There are many suites of products available which are marketed to tackle acne and overall skin health. These acne products can be used along with prescription medications, in cases where a prescription is necessary, to help the skin to heal so that the prescription can be discontinued or reduced. Frequently, a well-designed system with quality ingredients can be used alone to restore healthy, breakout-free skin without resorting to prescription treatment.

Clinique® Acne Solution Steps

The Clinique Acne Solutions® approach is a 3-step system, beginning with a cleansing foam wash. The second step is a clarifying lotion which is intended to exfoliate skin and draw away oil. The final step is a benzoyl peroxide lotion which reduces the production of sebum in acne-prone skin. A makeup foundation and concealer designed for acne-prone skin is also available from Clinique®. The products do not contain fragrance. The system is available in a starter kit, and each product is available, in larger bottles, individually. An auto-shipment program is available, but there is no commitment or membership required. Apart from benzoyl peroxide, the ingredients are not disclosed by Clinique® and, unfortunately, they seem to be quite harsh. Many users with sensitive skin developed irritation, itching, and worsening of breakouts. Other users noticed that, after a few months of use, the products were no longer effective as the skin had become used to them.

Overview of Clinique® Acne Treatment

A skin care regimen that takes a systemic approach to acne treatment is the best strategy for long-term success. The Clinique Acne Solutions® system is popular among people with mild to moderate acne. Many users experienced clearing within a few weeks. However, it is very drying and may be too harsh for those with sensitive skin. It may also lose effectiveness with continued use because the skin builds tolerance.

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