Acne Treatment Reviews – Clearasil

What is Clearasil®?

clearasilClearasil® is one of the most famous treatments for acne. This was invented back in 1950 by Ivan Combe and was later bought by other big companies and now, this medication is a part of the RB portfolio. The first ingredients were resorcinol and sulphur but then it was innovated and added with some more active ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and triclosan. These ingredients aid in the cure and healing of acne and its scars. Many people have proven and tested this product and they said that it is very effective and makes the acne heal faster and leaves a clearer and smoother skin.

Types and Forms of This Medication

There are a lot of types and forms of Clearasil® these days unlike before when there were only spot on blemish treatments. Today, this product has twelve different kinds and still getting more. First there are the cleansers, this mild cleanser aids in the removal of dead skin cells and it leaves the skin clean and smooth. This helps prevent acne formation. They also have scrubs which are used to exfoliate the skin and for deep pore cleaning. The treatment cream is used for treating the acne formation. All the active ingredients are present here. With the ingredients all together, it will make healing process faster and will definitely kill all the bacteria present which is causing the skin infection or acne.

What Comes with It?

Clearasil® also have some side effects experienced by some people, but not all. If the person is allergic to this medication then they will probably experience itchy rashes or hives. Other common side effects are: redness on the skin area, mild discomfort, scaling, dryness, and itchiness. If the side effects are only mild then there is no need to worry but once it becomes severe, stop the medication and consult the doctor. The biggest precaution of using this product is to avoid getting it inside the eyes and ingesting it. Keep away from reach of children. If any case, the medicine got inside the eyes, wash with flowing water and seek medical attention.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of taking Clearasil®:

  • It promotes proper and proper healing
  • It kills all the bacteria that is causing the acne formation
  • It leaves the skin clear, smooth and radiant
  • It is available almost everywhere
  • It can be used everyday
  • It cleanses the deep pores

The disadvantages of taking Clearasil®:

  • It can cause some side effects
  • It can trigger the allergy of a person
  • If ingested, it can cause stomach pain
  • It can burn sensitive skin

Doctor’s Advice

It is best to take this medication under the supervision of a health provider. Doctors can check if the person’s skin is suitable for using this product. Others just use it without prescription and might end up worsening their acne formations. That is why it is important to see a doctor first so he/she will be able to tailor the prescription accordingly.

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